Watch with me : The Untamed : Ep 16 – recap

The Web clan has proclaimed a battle on Yunmeng at the Lotus Pier. Clan leader Jjang and his wife are out there at Lotus Pier fighting while their kids and Wei Wuxian are stuck in the middle of the lake! What will be the outcome of the battle? Let’s find out!

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Bad news guys. Clan leader Jjang and his wife didn’t make it! They died a warriors death though!

The Zidian after hours of struggle let them go. The boys make sure Yan Li is at a safe spot in a forest and go back to Yunmeng where they realize that the battle has been lost to the Wen clan.

Tensions rise between Jjang Cheng and Wei Wuxian as he blames the death of his parents on Wei Wuxian. After all if the Wen clan had not come looking for Wei Wuxian, to punish him would anything have happened? They go back to Yanli who guess the worst as she only gets back silence when she asks about her parents. That’s one depressing scene and setting guys. I’m sad.

The three then lie low at an inn in the nearest town. Yanli falls sick and Wei Wuxian asks Jjang Cheng to stay put with her as he gets some medicines. As he is out in the market we see a tense scene where some Wen clan soldiers are about to catch him when they are suddenly distracted and Chase someone else. Close shave guys. Also how do the soldiers recognise Wei Wuxian anyways? Do they like have a drawing? I’ve always thought about that in these kinds of historic settings. Anyway back to the episode!

Wei Wuxian returns to the inn and of course – Jjang Cheng who was supposed to stay put has disappeared. As Wei Wuxian leaves to Yunmeng to find Jjang Cheng, he meets Wen Ning. At first Wei Wuxian is on his guard but he soon realises that Wen Ning is on his side and could help.

Takeaways from the episode

Of course Jjang Cheng had to go. Of course. He’s just calling for trouble I tell you! And what’s with leaving Yanli alone everywhere? These guys have some martial arts skills and talismans all I’ve seen Yanli do is make lotus stem soup! I hope they will be okay!

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