Watch With Me : The Untamed : Ep 17 recap

Jjang Cheng has run off to avenge his parents death against a literal army that’s at his home. He’s calling for trouble guys! Meanwhile Wei Wuxian is off to save him along with Wen Ning who I hope is really on the good side!

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Just like we expected Jjang Cheng is an injured wreck as Wen Ning hands him over to Wei Wuxian. The three then are hidden in safety by Wen Qing’s medical facility sort of place.

As Jjang Cheng wakes up he realises that in the fight with the Wen clan he has lost his golden core (which is the supposed source of their cultivation abilities). Of course Jjang Cheng does not take it lightly. He literally goes nuts over his loss, at his pain of being a mere mortal as he doesn’t seem to bekeive he has anything special about him other than his cultivation which was everything he had in life. He gets so agitated that Wen Qing eventually sedates him.

We then see a desperate Wei Wuxian go through every single book at the medical facility to find a way to get Jjang Cheng’s golden core back. He spends day and night without food and water reading and reading. Oh how easier things would have been with Google.

He eventually finds the answer – he is going to give his golden core to Jjang Cheng. Well that was what he spent all the time reading for! Nooo! There has to be another way!

Takeaways from the episode

Of course. Of course he has to give away his powers for his brother! I honestky don’t know how he expects to survive without it since he is more of a target for the Wen clan than Jjang Cheng is right? We will just have to keep watching to find out!

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