Watch With Me – The King : Eternal Monarch – Ep 2 recap

We have gotten an intro in the world of parallel dimensions in the first episode? What is going to happen to Lee Gon and his beautiful white horse? Let’s watch and find out!

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Lee Gon looks immensely happy for seeing her and hugs her but that doesn’t sit too well our heroine who handcuffs him and takes him to the station as he keeps saying things about parallel dimensions, being an emperor and how he knows her for the past 25 years. She understands he doesn’t have an ID and documents his fingerprint and keeps him at the station.

Back in the kingdom they fear the king has run off again, and Jo Young starts his investigation not understanding how Lee Gon disappeared into thin air. He starts investigating more into the black bunny hoody girl that troubled Lee Gon so much at the charity event.

At the police station Lee Gon meets up with the Jo Young of this side – Eun Seob whose working in social services. Lee Gon tries to explain the Einstein theory of parallel dimensions and how him being here makes perfect sense but Jung Tae Ul doesn’t listen. As they can’t ID his fingerprint she swabs his DNA instead.

Back in the kingdom the Prime Minister realises that the king’s schedule is now free and the security has been elevated which means the king ran off again. She shoots off a remark that it might have been a woman that made him go, and she looks fondly at their PR pictures from the stable. Do these two have a history or something?

Meanwhile Lee Gon sells his diamond buttons yes you read it right, diamond buttons, shops a lot and settles in at a 5 star hotel while Jung Tae Ul goes to investigate at the place of the wife of the man who was found murdered. The forensics person identifies the cause of death to be an injury from a blunt weapon, the kind like a crowbar, which was at the mans wife’s place. It’s only a matter of time until the weapon is found as evidence now.

Meanwhile Lee Rim is seen painting at a temple and Lee Gon has dropped off his horse at Jung Tae Ul’s home much to her annoyance.

The scene shifts to a birthday party of a handicapped boy made worse when his friends gift him a football, make fun of him and leave. As his mother cries, Lee Rim appears out of nowhere and says your son is incurable and to not pray for that, but pray for harm to other kids.

The scene shifts to a woman buying flowers as the radio announces three heavily injured kids. Uh oh. Looks like this guy is not using the flute for good. The woman buys flowers for her dead sons birthday. We see it’s the son of the king in the republic of Korea that was killed by Lee Rim. As the police arrive at her home as she laughs off her husband death in episode 1, Lee Rim warns that her son is now dead and the police are suspicious and want to investigate. She becomes shocked and collapses.

The investigation doesn’t give much leads, and Jung Tae Ul meets Lee Gon at the library where he is studying the history of this dimension. He then spends some time with her at dinner to a point where she almost believe him and we see a memory of how he heard the flute loud and clear when no one has and how his horse whip has the part of the flute in it. Nice place to hide it!

Lee Gon has now run out of buttons at is now at Tae Ul home where he meets Shin Jae.

The two don’t talk that well off with each other and we see a flashback as to how Shin Jae joined her father’s taekwondo class after seeing her at the window. I smell a love traingle guys.

As Tae Ul comes down she asks what Lee Gon is doing here and he asks her how he can be left alone. He explains how he got her card in his possession 25 years ago on November 11 but it still doesn’t make sense. As she asks him about his family he replies he is single and then suddenly remarks “I appoint you as my Queen.”

Takeaways from the episode

Well I don’t get this agenda with why Lee Rim is this evil and what bargain he has really struck with his brothers sister. I expect it forms a pivotal part in the story anyways. Other than we didn’t get a lot of progress on Lee Gon and Tae Ul as she still doesn’t believe him. We did get some hilarious scenes though. And that cliffhanger with appointing her as his queen – typical K-Drama fashion! We could have had something better but I’m not going to pass off on the drama, let’s see how it goes! This was more of an extended intro more than anything!

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