Watch With Me – The King : Eternal Monarch – K-Drama – Lee Min Ho comeback!

Yes another watch with me series is starting up on the blog! I already have one for The Untamed continuing on the blog. Now that’s continuing great of course but then why did I start another series? Because it’s Lee Min Ho’s comeback! I like many watchers out there started their K-Drama journey on Boys Over Flowers which was the drama that shot Lee Min Ho into stardom. Of course several of his other works have gained him so much fan following which can be read about here !

Now Lee Min Ho had gone for his compulsory military enlistment and had returned some time back. This is his first project after his return and fans were beyond excited and so was I! So it’s only natural I had to do a watch with me series on it!

I will link the episodes as it airs down below and once the series is done, I will post a review as well! Depending on how the series goes I might include some interim reviews on how the story has gone so far! Please do let me know what your expectations on this series are as well!

The story has been penned by the same person who wrote amazing dramas like Goblin – this two seems to be a supernatural drama with the crossing if two world’s. Since it’s a monarch theme I am guessing it’s a cross of the old and the present? Also is Lee Min Ho playing a double role in both the present and past? We are yet to see on that. When I first heard of the two world’s crossing plot, which is quite a famous theme in K-dramas by the way I instantly remembered another one of Lee Min Ho’s work called Faith. Would it be like that? The premise and the posters don’t make it seem so however. Maybe it won’t go back to like ancient times and might cross over to an era like 70s or something – I’m just assuming from the art work.

I also see that Kim Go Eun the wonderful actress from Goblin is also in the cast! It’s such an interesting pairing ! I haven’t seen any of her other works so I’m excited to see how this goes. She seems to have a more mature character than the high schooler she played in Goblin from her look in the posters!

What else do you guys think you can expect from the drama? I’m excited and so are so many of Lee Min Ho fans! Let me know what you feel in the comments! If you haven’t stanned him yet you most definitely can with the drama airing now and checking out his previous works for which I have reviews on my blog which is all linked in my Lee Min Ho post!

Please find the links for the episodes below. You can watch the series on Netflix! Episodes air every Friday and Saturday for a scheduled 16 episodes ! –

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