Watch with me : The Untamed : Ep 20 – recap

Wei Wuxian is now gone but I expect him to be back with a lot of new energy from the Burial mounds. Meanwhile the rest of the clans are finally planning a fight against the Wen clan – a combined effort!

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A mysterious and dark times flyer sounds outside the Wen clan Outpost area. Wen Chao is seen to haevily hallucinate and so does his mistress who eventually commits suicide. Finally.

Meanwhile Jjang Cheng and Lan Wangji arrive at the area of the Wen clan to find a literal massacre of the Wen clan. They creep up to find the mysterious man responsible for it and see it’s Wei Wuxian who now sports a dark colored flute . It’s their first time seeing him after three months since his disappearance.

Meanwhile Wen Chao and his goon are killed. While Wei Wuxian has a happy and light hearted reunioun with Jjang Cheng and Yanli he brushes off questions on how he changed so much. But Lan Wangji watched quietly and probes him more on his newfound power. He brushes aside those questions as well and continues to reunite with everyone.

Takeaways from the episode

Well guys it’s safe to say that the Yiling patriarch that everyone is so scared of is making a return here! I guess that’s how he gained all the dark energy as well. The Wen clan really brought about their own ruin! But all this heavy energy must come at a price? Let’s watch and find out!

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