Watch With Me : The Untamed : Ep 21 – recap

Wei Wuxian seems to be back after his sudden and unplanned excursion into the Burial grounds. But he doesn’t seem to be the same Wei Wuxian we knew before the burial grounds. I really hope his overall character doesn’t change even though his magic has! His personality was something I loved all this while! Anyway let’s see how that goes!

If you want to read recaps of any of the other episodes click the link here ! I’ve linked all the episodes as I watch them over there! Now onto the episode!

Wen Chao is now dead and for some time the clan has something to celebrate other than all the bad stuff that’s happening. However not everyone seems to be happy with the rather untraditional methods that Wei Wuxian has adopted with his flute that he named Chen Qing.

As more parts of the Wen clan are being captured by the combined effort of other clans, Wei Wuxian is angered at the number of innocent, old, young and weak members of the clan that are being punished as slaves for the crimes done by others. I sense some sort of rebellious movement that’s coming from Wei Wuxian soon which is probably going to anger all the other clans you guys. Just wait and see!

Meanwhile Lan Wangji is trying to find more about Wei Wuxian’s new powers because he doesn’t have a good feeling about it. As Wei Wuxian catches him asking Yanli about it, the two have a fight. Wei Wuxian is not ready to give in any details as Lan Wangji probes him on where his sword is. Please note that as far the magical practices of the cultivators are concerned their swords are the basic element which is why there is this emphasis on why Wei Wuxian is practicing his craft with a dark magic powered flute instead of his sword, Subien.

Takeaways from the episode

We didn’t get a lot from this episode. The major clue that I got was there is a really good chance Wei Wuxian is going to free all those slaves and kind of gather the hate of everyone else – you know for the greater good kind of thing. Also, I’m really curious as to the origins of this flute!