Watch With Me : The Untamed : Ep 23 – recap

The battle against Wen Ruohan is continuing and the good side seems to be the losing side at the moment. Will Wei Wuxian’s flute magic be able to save them all?

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Wen Ruohan realises that the power with Wei Wuxian is no smaller matter and Wuxian explains about the Stygian Tiger Seal which is basically the Yin iron in another form I suppose which makes him much stronger than Wen Ruohan is.

As Wen Ruohan attacks Wei Wuxian, Meng Yao comes out of nowhere and stabs Wen Ruohan to death. Moments like this make me wonder. Was the villian this easy to kill? I mean it’s like how the Night King was killed just by a stab in GOT. Meng Yao could have done this earlier and saved them a lot of trouble but hey let’s not question too much into it and watch and dig deeper. Sometimes these scenea turn out to be more than what meets the eye too!

Post this the clans celebrate their victory agianst the Wen clan and Clan leader Jin finally acknowledged Meng Yao as his son and gives him an official name as well. Meanwhile Wei Wuxian was unconscious for three days, all of which Lan Wangji was by his side playing soothing music for Wei Wuxian to be at peace and recover. These two are just too cute! After he awakens he explains to Lan Wangji how he found the Stygian Tiger Seal when they were fighting the Tortoise of Slaughter.

Meanwhile Lan Xi Chen, Meng Yao and Clan leader Nie tie their bonds as sworn brothers. It seems Meng Yao was acting as a spy for the good side right next to Wen Ruohan at great personal risk as well. It was this helps that Lan Xi Chen was able to formulate the battle plan as well which was key to their victory.

Takeaways from the episode

Like I thought Wen Ruohan has been abruptly removed from the picture. This just means one thing – he was not the real villian here. And a big cheer for Meng Yao! I love characters like his that seem minor but are in fact so crucial to the story!

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