Watch With Me : The Untamed : Ep 22 – recap

Wei Wuxian is now a master of darker powers who sources and extent are unknown to us. To what extent will this go? Will we see the feared Yiling Patriarch from the initial episodes comes in Wei Wuxian now? We are yet to see!

If you want to read the recaps on any of the other episodes please click this link here for the links! I have uploaded them as I watch them! Now onto the episode!

Although the two initially fought, Wei Wuxian explains to Lan Wangji that he now uses music to control his power. Lan Wangji decides to help Wei Wuxian so that the evil in the power doesn’t overcome him. Don’t tell me Lan Wangji failed in those efforts which led to Wei Wuxian becoming the Yiling Patriarch!

Only a part of their troubles with the Wen clan are over. Wen Ruohan continues to grow in power which would mean greater number of zombie puppets. All the clans together plan a campaign against him called *The Sunshot Campaign”. Lan Xi Chen helps formulate a very effective battle formation for this movement. Meanwhile the relationship between Jin Xi Zuan and Wei Wuxian get rocky as the two fight and Yanli has to intervene.

We then move into the scenes where the plan is on full force as the battle goes on Mount Qishan. As the clans fight, Wen Ruohan however has grown stronger and so have his zombie puppets. As the clans realise that they may be in trouble, Wei Wuxian weilds his flute and starts a tune of dark magic.

Takeaways from the episode

This episode was all about the battle with Wen Ruohan although it came a little more earlier than expected? Most times when such important villians are dealt with it’s mostly kept like for the finale or the penultimate part of a series. It’s quite strange that we have not reached even half of the episodes in the series and we are having a battle with Wen Ruohan which there’s a good chance of winning as the power behind Wei Wuxian’s new found power is unknown to us. I guess we can get the outcome of the battle in the next episode?