Watch With Me : The Untamed : Ep 24 – recap

What we thought was the biggest enemy – Wen Ruohan has now been annihilated. So now what? I still don’t get how the story got to the point that that it was in the first episode! My curiosity levels are spiking!

If you want to read recaps on any of the other episodes just click this link to read more! Now onto the episode!

Now that everyone has literally nothing much to do they decide to pursue the marriage between Jin Xi Zuan and Yanli again. Everyone tries forcing Jjang Cheng to reconsider the proposal again. However Wei Wuxian intervenes the gathering and says that it’s Yanlis’s opinion that matters more than anything and Yanli politely declines the proposal and mentions that she wants to put her efforts into rebuilding Yunmeng and they all return to Lotus Pier.

Meanwhile the suspicions on the extent and origin of Wei Wuxian’s powers increase throughout all the clans. Clan leader Jin asks Wei Wuxian to be spied on as well. Lan Wangji is intensely learning how to master the giqen in order to help Wei Wuxian. Lan Xi Chen understanding the extent to which Lan Wangji is practicing and the effect of Wei Wuxian’s powers on him asks if he needs help but Wei Wuxian rejects it.

Back at Lotus Pier an argument between Jjang Cheng and Wei Wuxian leads to Jjang Cheng easily pushing him down. Upset he doesn’t ask for help and has an emotional conversation with Yanli at the ancestral shrine of the Jjang clan as they remember their childhood. Do remember that Wei Wuxian has secretly given his golden core to Jjang Cheng which is why he was overpowered so easily. Amulet or not, the golden core is important.

Takeaways from the episode

As the episode just after the huge war I didn’t expect anything crucial to come out of if at this point. It was more of the characters going back to their original places in order to start from the ruins that the Wen clan left them. But going forward I think the story is going to pick up, like I said at the beginning of this post, we are halfway through, but we haven’t reached the Crux of the story yet!