Watch with me : The Untamed – Ep 25 – recap

The clans are back in their original homes rebuilding themselves from the ruins that the Wen clan left them. We all know a lot of the story is left to be told so without further ado let’s dive into the review!

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Jin Xi Zuan arrives at Yanling and invites the Jjang clan along with other clans for a hunt. Once at the hunt, Wei Wuxian notices that the targets for the hunt are Wen clan prisoners , the ones he noticed being taken away a few episodes ago. As Jin Xi Zuan successfully hits a target, Wei Wuxian outsmarts him and hits all the targets, blindfolded.

Once the hunt commenced, Wei Wuxian meets up with Lan Wangji and has a conversation – a catching up. The conversation steers to Wei Wuxian mentioning how he has seen Lan Wangji like a soulmate. Aaawwwwwwww!

Another misunderstanding between Jin Xi Zuan and Yanli leads to Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji standing up to her. Jin Xi Zuan proceeds to insulting Wei Wuxian’s mother who was a servant which leads to Yanli defending Wei Wuxian. This leads to an even more awkward conversation when Jin Xi Zuan suddenly reveals his feeling towards Yan Li. The Lady of the Jin clan eventually enters and Yanli goes with her to the Jin clan. Of all the places. What about her brother? And what does this Jin Zi Xuan have so endearing anyways? Uff!

The episode ends with a Wei Wuxian in the market noticing a tattered and injured Wen Qing.

Takeaways from the episode

You know I was just about wondering what happened to the Wen siblings. Guess we will find out soon! This whole Jin clan – Yanli thing is irritating me! She says no to him but kind of goes to his clan when he reveals his feelings. I honestly don’t understand what’s the whole deal with them but I’m not going to boggle my mind over that too much because I have a feeling that doesn’t have a role in the crux of the story. And can we just take a moment of our lead couple moment?? It just comes in sudden scene when we least expect it and it’s just so much more emotional than anything else! Both of them are very endearing characters for sure!

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