Watch With Me – The King : The Eternal Monarch – Ep 3 – recap

So we stop at Lee Gon asking Lieutenant Tae Ul to become his Queen. Now although that moment really makes us think something huge will happen in episode 3, where she says, I’m sure that doesn’t happen. As a seasoned K-Drama watcher/fan I’m just sure! But anyways let’s go into this episode! I hope things pick up more pace!

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Tae Ul walks for chicken and bear dinner with her friends. It seems she is having second thoughts on that and messages her friends that she won’t be joining them and goes back to Lee Gon who is still waiting for her after asking her to be his queen. After they have a rather interesting bickering based on angles and zeros (you gotta see the scene to get what I’m talking about), she finally asks him to take her with him to his world that he always talks about.

The two then walk into the bamboo forest and Tae Ul asks him to chant his spenn sarcastically. Lee Gon then describes how two temple like pillars will arise at a point and crack allowing him to travel between the dimension. He says he knows how to travel like that but he just wanted to see how it is not to travel and is also happy that she accompanied him here. He asks her about Shin Jae and she asks back his name which he hasn’t told her as no one addresses him by his name as he is the emperor. He then mentions how he has no family and mentions his father’s death. The two then leave the bamboo forest, bickering.

Meanwhile Shin Jae is at Tae Ul’s home and thinks back to some memories when he spots Lee Gon’s saddle. Noticing the familiar emblem on it,he opens his notebook to find the emblem scribbled in his notebook. What crime is this emblem related to? That crowbar crime? I’m confused guys !

Meanwhile the prime minister notices how the head court lady is trying her best to use her PR team so that no one realises the long has disappeared. She has also taken a decision not to increase the salary of the congressmen which are not taken lightly with some even mocking her that her job requires only to dress up and she lacks understanding. She gives a stern warning and assures them she is of no poltical alliance but to the kingdom and walks away.

Back at the Republic, the team members speak amongst themselves not to tell Shin Jae more news about the gambling his mother has gotten into. Meanwhile they receive a new junior at the police station and successfully find the blood stained crowbar at the dumpyard which is then handed over to forensics.

Meanwhile Tae Ul meets more dead ends as the DNA resukts give no results and a horse breeding organisation asks her how she came across such a fine breed of horse which can only be imported from Spain. She worries that she might lose all her options and just end up beleiving his story after all.

She has a conversation with him over dinner as well and we get some surprising insight into the monarchy like world of Lee Gon where the capital is in Busan and the statue of the great warrior is placed so facing the sea to show their might and readiness to face any enemies that may come their way and how Pyongyang is their economical capital as well unlike how it is in the Republic.

At the palace Young thinks back to a conversation with Lee Gon on how he feels Lee Rim’s death was staged but how could the staged body have the same DNA?

At the same time a clap of thunder Sears burn like marks on Lee Gon’s shoulder who falls in pain. Is this some side effect?

The Prime Minister at the kingdom goes to see her mother who works in the market. There we see Lee Rim’s cane which her mother says was left by a customer. The next scene shows Lee Rim carrying the cane. I’m getting a little lost here. Did he lose the cane or not? Or is this different timelines? Dimensions?

Tae Ul’s car breaks down and Lee Gon comes in to watch the car for her. While they have a conversation Lee Gon notices that time freezes for everyone except him. He however comes closer and peers into Tae Ul and once time starts again he remarks how that moment gave his something beautiful to see. Aaahhhhh

Lee Rim walks into the library with a book that has a note that says that the emperor is out of the palace. As the scenes that follow show that Lee Gon and Lee Rim are aware that the two have two parts of the flute and are manipulating it’s power, Lee Rim addresses a group of people in the salt field as they welcome “Their majesty”. Looks like he has gathered some allies.

Tae Ul meanwhile feels it’s too suspicious how easily they found the evidence for the case and the ending and digs around and finds an old phone which is given for analysis and requests some more time. Lee Gon eventually leaves back to his world on his horse after loaning some money and all as he knows Lee Rim may be back in his Kingdom.

Takeaways from the episode

Am I the only one that feels sort of confused when we flit back and forth between the dimensions with Lee Rim’s and the people that surround are really making me confused. Not much has happened this episode other than maybe an extended intro. I hope it does pick up pace going forward but nevertheless no matter how it is we will finish this and find out! What did you feel about the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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