Watch With Me : The King – The Eternal Monarch – Ep 4 – recap

Lee Gon has now gone back on his white dashing horse back to his kingdom. It’s kind of funny how he uses his horse back and forth for travel haha I wonder why the police never catches him? I really hope the plot advances more in this episode than it did and I hope that the confusion around what exactly our villian Lee Rim is doing would clear out too. If anyone can help me in the comments let me know!

To read the recaps on the other episodes click the link here where I will upload them as I publish them! Remember the series is avilable on Netflix with new episodes every Friday and Saturday in Korean Standard Time! Now onto the recap and my comments in bold!

As Lee Gon crosses the beach, Lee Rim notices that time freezes as well and he realizes his nephew is back. I am loving these time freeze scenes it looks amazing!

We see Eun Seob and Jo Young about to pick up drinks cold and hot respectively. Jo Young drops the hot drink and so does Run Seob claiming the cold coffee was hot. Jo Young gets news an intruder is there and finds that the king is back. As the Prime Minister tries to barge into the Emperor’s study as she is sure he is not there he comes out and pretends he has always been there.

We see that the Prime Minister has a meeting with the elder prince and asks him or rather brainwashes him asking if this kind of second-to-the-king life is what he wants. His family and children are forced to live abroad and never return and he must do just scholarly duties. Although he says he is content she moves in and shows him the scandalous pictures of a congressman who bad mouthed her in public, pictures that she gave to the press and mentions about the vacant position to the elderly prince. Oohhh this woman is not upto any good you guys.

The same day the king pays a visit to the elderly prince and they talk a while about old things after which Lee Gon reaches the real question. Is the prince really on his side? The prince tries to put his thoughts at ease but Lee Gon places Lee Rim’s autopsy report and leaves. He then moves to the library.

At the libarary we see two scenes juxtaposed on each other. Lee Gon and Tae Ul in the library in their dimensions like they are sitting across each other. Tae Ul seems to be reading about parallel dimensions. I kind of find it funny they still rely on libraries, I mean we have the internet? But anyways – the scene is cute!

Meanwhile Shin Jae finds his mother is still gambling finds the place and has everyone there, including his mother arrested. Also from the last episode we see that Shin Jae was from a rich family that later went bankrupt. He had some altercations with some goons and had some serious anger issues and it was Tae Ul’s father that made him write the police exam as well.

As Tae Ul tries to find Lee Gon and finds him going into the bamboo forest on his horse. I juat find that he can blend in with that horse on a public road so funny you guys! Meanwhile Lee Gon experience another time freeze and confides in Young about the parallel dimension he travelled to although Young is nowhere close to beleiving him.

Meanwhile Lee Rim seems to be visiting the lady quite frequently who is kept locked with security guards. He then develops some photos – again are there no photo printers? What’s with the dark rooms? – where he prepares some photos of the elder Prince. Now what?

Meanwhile Tae Ul loses her ID card and has another issued which happens to be issues on November 11, 2019. The date that Lee Gon says he has her ID card. Haaa! Finally we are getting somewhere people! She rushed back on hearing Lee Gon is back and asks him how her hair was and what she was wearing on her ID card to which he answers correctly. She is in disbelief as he offers to take her to where he is from as this time he has sneaked from the palace after getting a bolt of pain on his shoulder.

He takes her on his horse. Again, the horse guys! And they go through the portal! Young and siem guards come in while she is now shocked that it’s not snowing here, and that there is a guy that looks just Eun Seob which is Jo Young. Lee Gon asks everyone to take several steps back as Tae Ul is in shock. Then he says to Tae Ul that he is indeed the emperor of this country, and his name which must not be said is – Lee Gon. Now that’s a dialogue with impact!

Takeaways from the episode

Finally we have some things moving! There is not a LOT, but at least there’s something right? I was confused about the issue date on teb ID card but I loved how they clarified that so subtly! However portions with Lee Rim still confuse me like crazy I have no idea what he is doing roaming around, jumping dimensions. I am also curious if this whole case that Tae Ul is investigating has something to do with the main plot? Or of its just some support story? Let’s wait and see!

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