It’s called Hallyu : Circle (2017) – K-Drama episode recap – Episodes 1-4

Hello everyone !! With all this quarantine and stay at home thing going on a lot of actually binge watching like crazy and I am also one of them! I have chanced upon this Korean drama which after watching I wish I had watched sooner! This drama did not get the limelight like some of the others did and it deserves it! With such an exciting and unique plot it’s definitely a rare gem! I have included the episode recaps of the first six episodes. The episode recaps for the next six episodes can be accessed with this link, or of you’re looking for a more spoiler free review click here! Now onto the recap!

Episode 1

Part 1 : Beta Project

The year is 2007. We see two young children walk in the woods which looks crazy eerie. The twins talk about how their twin telepathy helped them find each other and we see the younger Kim Woo Jin exclaim how aliens are real and why he thinks so.

As the older twin Kim Bum Gyum dismisses his brothers exhibits for the proof of aliens existing , a huge light shines and an object starts chasing them. They finally crash their bicycle and their father appears – Kim Gyu Chul. A sudden flash of light shows the appearance of an alien like form that takes the form of a lady – Kim Woo Jin exclaims “Exhibit 3 : Alien” and she collapses in from of them and he goes closer to her.

We then cut to ten years later where we see a grown up Woo Jin writing an exam alone. The entire college is having a strike due to the pressure education system, but because he is a scholarship student he writes the exam much to the anger of his classmates. He works part time jobs as well in a haunted home and has an aikkng grandmother. As he eats his lunch, he gets messages that one of his seniors Ji Hyuk has passed away. The next day he goes to the research team that Ji Hyuk was part of as he wants to be considered before any other student does. One of the other seniors in the research team get angered by this and confronts Woo Jin who handles it calmly. As he leaves the senior asks when his brother would be out of jail (wait his brother is in jail?) and he replies calmly that his brother has some more time left.

As Woo Jin walks away with the image of his brother Bum Gyum in handcuffs, he hears some detectives talk to some students near the suicide memorial. The students claim that the senior who died had someone bear him holding an object like a Taser. Woo Jin is shocked as we see a flashback of his brother holding a Taser against a woman he thinks is an alien and she falls down. As Woo Jin runs to the spot of the suicide and looks down at the memorial site, he sees someone who looks eerily like his brother but once he comes down and starts searching that figure is gone.

As Woo Jin arrive s home he sees that his brother has got an early parole for being a model prisoner. At night Woo Jin rummages through his bag looking for a Taser only to have Bum Gyum wake up and reassure Woo Jin that he has left all the madness about aliens and that he is now going to work at a pastry shop.

It all seems good until Woo Jin sees his brother numbers on Ji Hyuk’s table and follows his brother to a motel where he finds a Taser, the black clothes he saw that mysterious person wear and a wall with so much clippings pointing towards an alien. Woo Jin confronts whether Bum Gyum killed all those students to which he claims it was all the aliens doing.

Woo Jin argues how their father and the alien lady left in a car one day never to return after that. Bum Gyum says he has found the aliens hideout and takes Woo Jin there to find the place empty. As the brothers argue Bum Gyum refuses to let his theories go as that would prove that he really is mad.

Bum Gyum runs out into the rain and Woo Jin runs into him fixated at something. As he looks as well he sees the same alien lady from all those years ago, walking away in the rain. Impeccable timing, I must say.

Part 2 : Brave New World

The year is 2037. The Earth looks like it’s in a horrible state with the pollution so intense that it’s yellow all over and the pollution is lethal.

We meet Kim Joon Hyuk, a detective from the police station who catches up with hacker Dong Soo with a request to hack into “Smart Earth”. Dong Soo tells it’s impossible and that only a famous hacker by the name Bluebird has been known for doing that.

Joon Hyuk goes out with his team and his lead Chief Hong who talks to them about the famous cases he dealt with in the past. One was the serial student suicide in Woo Jim’s University which was a suspected homicide. The second a kidnapping of a young girl Kim Min Ji, whose kidnappers were let free due to lack of evidence. Chief Hong then talks about the third case – The missing twins case – and shows a poster of our twins! OMG what happened to them? Suddenly an advertisement for Smart Earth plays where it says that they have attained their 5000th crime free day. What is with this Smart Earth? Why is it crime free? Is it another planet?

The next day the police station receives call from Smart Earth from a seveen year old girl called Kim Min Ji who has been kidnapoed. They initially dismiss it as a.prank call as crimes don’t happen in Smart Earth when they scour her identity and find that she is the Kim Min Ji from many years ago and that she is currently at her kidnappers house who is also another smart Earth citizen.

As Joon Hyuk tries to bathe in to Smart Earth he is stopped by a safety professional Ho Soo who says they cannot enter without a smart chip installed in their head and that it’s impossible for a crime to happen on Smart Earth due to the Human B control system. As Joon Hyuk argues with him we see his emotional chip below his ear go red, he hyperventilates, but soon his chip goes green and he calms down. Creepyyyy!

But soon Ho Soo recieves a Code 0 and Joon Hyuk receives a clip – Kim Min Ji stabbing her kidnapper to death. The higher MGMT wants this to be under wraps which leads to Joon Hyuk getting permission to enter Smart Earth and investigate without the chip implanted into him. Joon Hyuk claims he is going to find out all the dirty secrets about Smart Earth and Human B control system.

As Joon Hyuk leaves to Smart Earth we see that it’s some sort of far off island, clean and free unlike the Normal Earth. Chief Hong asks him to look into the missing twins case as well – “Find your brother” he says. So Joon Hyuk is in fact one of the twins! Why did he change his name though? Which twin is he? Guess we have to venture into the next episode!

Episode 2

The episode starts with a flashback of the twins birthday with the aliens. A car crashes onto the restaurant out of nowhere and Woo Jin is saved by the lady as she protects him in her embrace. She doesn’t react at all however even with a glass shard stuck on her neck after the accident. An ultimate level of unbothered I tell you.

Part 1 : The Beta Project

After seeing that alien lady on the road Bum Gyum runs after the bus she is on and is gone from sight. Woo Jin meanwhile looks through his brothers hideout and finds a camera with pictures of the woman – except that she is smiling and talking to people unlike the lady from many years ago. Woo Jin gets news that his brother is in a hospital for a minor accident on his leg and the two fight and split after arguing whether that woman is the alien or if she is just a random look alike.

The next day Woo Jin meets up with the professor who leads the PTSD research team. He interviews Woo Jin asking what is the best method to cure PTSD and Woo Jin recommends removal of painful memories.

In his next class he surprisingly gets paired with the alien looking girl and just stares at her. She eventually asks him to meet at the library to work on their project. he tries to get a sneak peek on her neck to see the scar from the glass shard to no luck. As she leaves suddenly without telling the reason, he follows her out of suspicions to see where hanging out with her friends like a normal kid. As she ties up her hair, he sees there are no scars and he concludes he was delusional to think she was the lady from all those years ago.

We see a younger Chief Hong investigating the suicide cases and goes through previous cases of people who used Tasers and zones in on Bum Gyum. Meanwhile Bum Gyum calls Woo Jin secretly saying the culprit is Bluebird and that he will return the next day. But by the next day, Bum Gyum is missing and his phone is switched off. Both Woo Jin and Chief Hong search for Bum Gyum but to no avail. As Woo Jin rummages through the hideout of Bum Gyum he sees a footage from the camera of the woman in Bum Gyums’s room. Enraged, Woo Jin confronts her asks about her identity.

Part 2 : Brave New World

Joon Hyuk is now in Smart Earth and swears that he will find him no matter what. We then see Deputy Chief Lee Hyun Seok go into the control room where they can see a lot of footage on the giant screen. He asks how a murder can happen on Smart Earth and no one really answers. He then meets up with the Mayor of Smart Earth as well and conveys his disappointment in the Mayor appointing a normal earth detective in Smart Earth without a chip but the Mayor assures him that he will solve the case. The mayor also undertsnads from Ho Soo that the ma who got murdered had kidnapped the murderer when she was young.

Meanwhile Hyun Seok looks into the background of detective Jong Hyuk and is intrigued to find that he has no details about him beyond the past of ten years ago. So who is he? Woo Jin? Bum Gyum?

Joon Hyuk has a call with Chief Hong and they understand there is something that Human B is hiding from them about the purpose of the smart chips and feels it’s realared to the missing twins case. Chief Hong remarks – all this would not have happened if it weren’t there for the boy and asks Jong Hyuk to be careful.

Jong Hyun and Ho Soo go to analyse the body of the victim and Ho Soo explains that the only thing the chip does is to control their emotions, anxiety etc which helps in keeping Smart Earth crime free. Jong Hyuk notives the victims smart chip has been removed and there is a No:1 etched on him which means there could be more victims. Jong Hyuk also comes to realise that Human B purposefully tried not to hand over the victim’s real chip and demands to see the chairman which is refused. He then akss Dong Soo to find the contents of the chip but he remarks he can’t, it’s only Human B software that can connect to it and Jong Hyun wonders if Blue Bird could do it.

Meanwhile Kim Min Ji comes back online and murders her second victim. Jong Hyum finds it strange how none of them can remember the kidnapping incident and he then finds that memories of the person can be downloaded and viewed on the Smart Chip and he starts getting suspicious.

In the ending montage we see that Joon Hyuk has a scar eerily similar to the ones on the bodies as he thinks back to some vague and troubling memories of the twins. So we are sure he is one of the twins then. Chief Lew makes a report to the chairman who has in his hand Bum Gyums’s phone with the wallpaper of the twins. Who is this guy?

Episode 3

As Bum Gyum tells Woo Jin he will be back soon a bright flash of light reminiscent to their youth blinds him and the scene cuts.

The Beta Project

We are back at the scene where Woo Jin confronts Jung Yeon on why she was in his brothers motel room. She claims that it’s because she suspected him as he was there on every murder site. An altercation with his senior leads them to the police station where Chief Hong starts questioning about Bum Gyum’s whereabouts to which Woo Jin pleads him to find him as he is definitely missing.

Jung Yeon tells him that has been investigating as the first person that died was her best friend. She says that all the victim’s have nosebleeds and headaches prior to their deaths which leads them to close in on the next victim. But once they are there, they are too late, she dies, and to their horror they see a bright blue worm crawk out of her nose. At this point Woo Jin is convinced that she is not an alien. And guys what is with that worm omg.

As the investigation goes around Chief Hong comes to know that another girl other than Woo Jin and Jung Yeon had been to see the victim. Meanwhile the duo takes the worm and operates it to find a microchip but they don’t seem to be getting any new leads as to what it is. The two bond and then go their own ways to rest. But as Woo Jin checks her email ID he sees that the ID is blue bird and that his brother mentioned blue bird as well in the last phone call. Shocked, the scene then shifts to Jung Yeon in front of the building where swe saw Bum Gyum last. Do we suspect her or not? This show is really keeping me in the edge! I am.not sure!

A Brave New World

They decide to do the memory extraction process back on Normal Earth and has a doctor come for the process. Meanwhile Ho Soo seems to be having headaches and nosebleeds. The same symptoms? Is the Smart Care chip actually the blue worm from the aliens?

Ho soo then keeps getting random memories of a girl with whom he was close with and realised it was the girl he was in love with much to his shock. Meanwhile the team with much effort track Blue Birds location and Jung Hyeok travels following the GPS to track Blue Bird.

Just as he is almost there at Blue Bird’s lair the power at normal earth is cut off and their chase ends. Ho soo was the one who did it. When later confronted he claims he is scared and wants this agony that he is suffering with to stop which led him to interrupting a crucial part of the investigation.

Episode 4

Suspicions on Jung Yeon continue to increase as Woo Jin find the blue worms in a flower pot in her room. He asks and finds her location and goes there at the psychiatric hospital where Bum Gyum was last seen.

She gets attacked by a mysterious female assailant who tries to Taser her but is blocked at the right moment by Woo Jin who chases her but loses her. He questions her about the worms and she says it came out of her dead friend. Unlike how we thought the two patch up fast and Woo Jin accompanies her to the hospital.

It is there that he finds out Jung Yeon is the daughter of the professor is his research team and he goes reassured that his doubts were not true.

Meanwhile Bum Gyum is somewhere in that psychiatric hospital where he is locked up. They were so close to finding him OMG. As his assailant tries to inject something into him he bites him hard but gets injected anyways.

As the duo investigate in Woo Jin’s room he gets a text from the person who had called Jung Yeon to the hospital. He is asked to come alone but brings Jung Yeon too. The lady tries Taering her again and after a scuffle Woo Jin agress to talk alone. She asks why he had to come with that alien when she specifically asked him to come alone. When he tries to tell the lady that she is not an alien, she shows him a picture of a suitcase.

Looking closely at the picture he notices a star like ornament and is in shock as he remembers a memory where he made the star and gave it the alien lady and called her “Bhul” which means star. He then goes and asks Jung Yeon about it and even shows a picture from his youth with Byul. He tells her that his father and Byul left with the suitcase with the star on it and asks her more. Jung Yeon reveals that she doesn’t have any memorie before the age of eighteen. We just keep getting more and more surprises with this girl omg! So she is the alien? Meanwhile professor Han sits in the office and cleans the bite mark wounds on his arm. Oh my god guys we are so close to this! She really is an alien but why is she with this guy and why does she see him as her father?

A Brave New World

We see a flashback where the detective does not have any memories which eventually leads to Chief Hong giving his brothers memory footage for him to find out what happened. Yup he is one of the twins. We just need to find out which twin he is.

Ho soo leaves after disagreeing with the detective that the bad memories are also a part of who you are. He then goes to Chief Lee to have his memories reblocked and Chief Lee convinces him how Blue Bird is the real enemy. Meanwhile we see a person behind many screens watching the clips from a Smart Earth citizens perspective – it’s Blue Bird.

The investigators on normal Earth wonder why Blue Bird is unblocking the memories suspecting that they too have a grudge against Human B. As Joon Hyuk walks through a terminal a woman drops him a phone, it’s from Blue Bird.

Blue bird gives him some locations to which he goes followed by Ho Soo who is now on Chief Lee’s side. Blue Bird makes him wlak through all the places where Woo Jin’s and Bum Gyum’s memories were, finally ending at the motel room. As he remembers everything and cries he says “I remember, it’s me Woo Jin”.

We see that Jung Yeon is Blue Bird, (I wonder how that came to be), and she realizes in shock that the detective is “Kim Bum Gyum” we found him!

You can read the next recaps in the link at the top of the post! This is getting really exciting?