It’s called Hallyu : Circle (2017) – K-Drama episode recap – Episodes 5-8

Things are getting super exciting on this series I can’t believe I didn’t check this out before! Anyway onto the episodes!

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Episode 5

Part 1 : Beta Project

We see that the lady that was trying to Taser the characters in the previous episodes is Park Min Young. She tried appealing to the students at a memorial that it’s not suicide but the students found her weird. Only Bum Gyum believed her and saved her from the crowd creating a new freindshio.

Min Yiung reveals the star that is in possession with Jung Yeon and Woo Jin finds out about her amnesia. He asks her to crack open the star so that she can realise the truth and she says she won’t as it’s special to her. She asks her father about the star to which he tells her she made it with his mother and she tries telling him how special it is to her and that Blue Bird was har favorite book when she was young. But Woo Jin says that Blue Bird was also the first word that Byul ever said.

Woo Jin tries going through Professor Han’s desk and manages to only find a pen from the psychaitric hospital he went to before.

At the psychiatric hospital they meet Chief Hong who is also investigating and Woo Jin convinces him that Min Young is there to help and is not the criminal. They find a pool of blood and a hollow entry way and confirm that Bum Gyum must be here. Eventually they see a blood donation ambulance drive away and Woo Jin notices Bum Gyum screaming inside it. He loses to the vehicles speed as he chases after it.

Meanwhile Jung Yeon sees a sticker in her book of Blue Bird and sees that “Byul” is written underneath it. She cracks open the star to find “Woo Jin loves Byul” written in a paper inside. She is Byul after all you guys.

A Brave New World

Now that Jung Yeon knows the detective is Bum Gyum, she asks to meet him at an abandoned amusement park. Meanwhile Ho Soo has given this news to Chief Lee as well.

Human B catches up on their meeting and narrowly escapes only to be driven away by Ho Soo of all people. He demands to know why she is doing this and to block his memories and she says it all started with her and if such a thing is being done on people it must be done with their permission. She then leaves Ho Soo as Human B arrives later.

We see that Chief Lee is revealed to be the senior that was with Woo Jin and Jung Yeon as well in their University. Well, well. And the doctor who helped the team on Normal Earth is an adult Park Min Young.

Now that Human B is restricting Bum Gyum’s investigation he decides to ask Mayor Yoon for help who in turn gets help from the Minister for Science and Culture , an aged Professor Park. He agrees to help Mayor Yoon as well to investigate into how Human B is blockinb memories without the citizens knowing.

Jung Yeon tricks Ho Soo to leave Bum Gyum in his room which is when she arrives and shows him a picture of an older Woo Jin by a painting. He’s still alive and Bum Gyum is in shock. Well so am I, but I am relieved he is not dead he was one of my favorite characters.

Episode 6

Part 1 : Beta Project

They have lost the ambulance and he realises that it’s the Blue Bird on the ambulance that his brother mentioned to him. Min Young also tells them that the students affected had been inside this van for blood donations after which they suffered the symptoms and committed suicide.

Woo Jin notices there’s a CCTV inside the bloody room and they try looking into the employee roster of the hospital bit can’t find Professor Han anywhere on the records as they meet dead end after dead end.

Jung Yeon tearfully admits to Woo Jin that she found the truth and she doenst seem to recognise whom By had left with as per Woo Jin’s memory.

Bum Gyum wakes up locked in a basement and knocks down the CCTV in the room. Professor Han gives an address for senior Lee to go check and Professor Park secretly finds the address and wonders what they are up to.

Chief Hong investigates into the closing of the hospital. He can’t find Professor Han on the employee roster but does find that just before the hospital shut down there some rumors of experiment done on patients. He talks to one such patient who says it’s not Professor Han, after seeing a picture but it’s Kim Gyu Chul, the twins father.

At the same time Jung Yeon and Woo Jin go through some photos they got from Professor Han’s study and finds pictures og him in the psychiatric hospital along with Woo Jin’s father. So their father is the mastermind behind this? The chairman of HumanB perhaps?

A Brave New World

Bum Gyum and Jung Hyun look at the picture of Woo Jin and she tells him that the picture was taken in the chairman penthouse. She knows this as she saw the painting when she broke in. So Woo Jin is the chairman now?

Ho Soo finally founds out that his girlfriend had committed suicide which led to all his agony. He demands his memory to be erased which couldn’t be done as Blue Bird has now compromised the systems. It’s finally decided that since Ho Soo has also been hacked by Blue Bird chip removal is the only way.

At this moment there are varied opinions about trusting Minister Park and Bum Gyum and the Minister decide to meet.

Human B realising that things are going out of hand with the Minsiter intervening they decide that Bum Gyum needs to have the chio inserted. After an altercation with Ho Soo Bum Gyum is tranquilized and just as he is about to be cut open to insert the chip Minister Park and his team stop and it and arrest Chief Lee and the team.

Joon Hyuk finally meets the minister and asks him Woo Jin’s whereabout as he was the last person that Woo Jin met with. The Minister agrees but says he wasn’t the last perosn to see him in reality. The last he heard of Woo Jin was that he was going to meet Professor Han and after that he has never been seen.

The Minister continues to tell him that only Professor Han knew the technology and now Woo Jin is missing. There was an investor’s meeting in 2022 after which this Smart Earth was set up. The chances are Woo Jin is the chairman and is operating this whole thing. As far as what I understand about Woo Jin I find this highly unlikely. There’s is something fishy about this Minister Park.

Jung Yeon then appears on screen to a surprised Minister Park who asks how she is after all these years. She too confirms that she is scared Woo Jin is the chairman due to the photo evidence that she has of him.

Episode 7

We see another flashback where Byul is intently working on the computer. As the boys come down into the cellar and into a number locked room, (which is also the room Bum Gyum is locked in?) they pull Byul away fearing she may mess up their fathers work. But when Kim Gyu Chul comes and sees what Byul was working on he has an expression of shock and immediately copies it all on a cross shaped USB.

Part 1 : Beta Project

As Chief Hong questions Woo Jin and Jung Yeon on how it’s a weird coincidence that both their parents happened to experiment on their patients, Woo Jin as shocked as he thought his father was a normal salaryman. Meanwhile Bum Gyum realises that he is locked up in their childhood home, the one we saw in the flashback at the start of this episode. Senior Lee comes in to fix the cctv and knocks Bum Gyum unconscious in the pricess. He calls and informs Professor Han of the completed task and Professor Park who was secretly following following them finds out that Professor Han is behind all of this.

We see that when Bum Gyum was locked in the hospital Professor Han was desperately asking where Kim Gyu Chul’s reasearch data was as he needed it to finish the project. Meanwhile in the present, Professor Park has an altercation with Professor Han as he didn not know his prototypes were being tested on students and Professor Han warns him saying they are all on the same boat.

Woo Jin and Jung Yeon visit his grandmother who doesn’t recognise him as she has a form of dementia and knows only a 11-year old Woo Jin. However she remembers Byul, the girl who lives with them. They try to ask more about his father but to no avail. As the two avail we see the cross shaped USB hanging from the grandma’s neck.

The two then steal Professor Han’s laptop password and Woo Jin finds CCTV evidence of his brothers kidnapping. As he calls the police station to inform this the phone is picked by Professor Han’s spy instead who takes Woo Jin straight to Professor Han at gunpoint. We then see a tense conversation where they argue on how this is a huge advent for science but it isn’t moral either. Woo Jin watches in shock as a nearly mad Professor Han begs for the reasearch data which would mean Bum Gyum’s life would be easier.

A Brave New World

Bum Gyum is in disbeleif why his brother would do such an act to erase people’s memories when Jung Yeon tells him that it’s very possible because on the day Bum Gyum woke up with his memories lost, Woo Jin was able to see his brother who was not crazed about aliens but was just smiling and happy. She tells him that if Woo Jin could believe that erased memories could bring happiness wouldn’t he do it? Bum Gyum is in shock that Woo Jin did all this for him and he starts to abandon his search for Woo Jin believing that it’s alright and maybe Woo Jin doesn’t want to be found. However things start getting worse where Min Ji kills her second perpetrator and tries to kill herself, Ho Soo gets flashback at the torture his girlfriend went through with her father which led her to kill herself. Ho Soo has an altercation with her father who has now erased those memories and live happily on Smart Earth. Ho Soo then tells Bum Gyum that the memories, good or bad, makes us who we are . This gives Bum Gyum more resolve to solve this mystery again.

Meanwhile Minister Park agrees for Mayor Yoon to meet the Chairman and a more determined Bum Gyum now requests the same.

Episode 8

Part 1 : Beta Project

Professor Han has given an ultimatum to find his father’s research data or risk Bum Gyum’s life. Desperately he rummages through his father’s old e-mail as well as at his grandmother’s place and only gets one clue – the old home is the key.

Jung Yeon plants a camera in her father’s tidy and confronts him about Byul. Professor Han finally cracks and says that Byul knew the technology of recording memories as video files and storing and viewing it and was the crux of their research. But Kim Gyu Chul disappeared nad so did the data and Byul’s memories. She then gets locked up in a room. Professor Park comes across this footage on the camera Jung Yeon set up and listens in shock as he finds out what the project is really about. However Min Young who was hiding steals the camera and runs away.

Woo Jin finally fights off some goons at his childhood home and finds Bum Gyum unconscious in their basement room with the computer. As the two cry at having found each other, a star shaped sensor senses something and a system turns on saying. – Access Permit. I honestly don’t know what I should even comment on at this point of the story! It’s just so exciting!

A Brave New World

Bum Gyum gets his old phone back from the chairman with a single message – a place, date and time to meet. Meanwhile Minister Park has provided a USB of the participants of the Shareholders meeting in 2022 in order to find the identity of the Chairman.

Meanwhile Mayor Yoon and the Minister meet and Mayor Yoon does dome digging from the pictures taken when he was a journalist that the chairman is none other than Minister Park. Minister Park gleefully admits his crimes and orders Mayor Yoon’s memories to be erased leading him to collapse. At the same time the USB given by Minister Park or Evil Park as we shall call him now hacks Jung Yeon’s system leaking her location to Human B. As she escapes, Bum Gyum has an realisation about Evil Parm and has him at gunpoint and demands to know where Woo Jin is. We should have known this you guys especially from how he just wasn’t good natured enough to reveal the truth to the police and that expression he had when he realised there’s a way to store and view memories!

This series has so far turned out to be more exciting than I ever expected! I am quickly moving into the last set of episodes to know how this is going to conclude! There are so many things we still need answers for! And conclusion episodes are always my favorite in a drama! The link for the same has been mentioned at the top of this post! Do let me know what you felt in the comments!

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