It’s called Hallyu : Circle (2017) – K-Drama episode recap – Episodes 9-12

We are at the final leg of episodes guys! It has been an amazing rollercoaster journey and as much as I wanna find out the end I am sad it’s ending as well! But here goes!

If you want to read episode recaps on any of the other episodes, or a spoiler free review, click the link here! Now onto the episodes!

Episode 9

We have another memory flags where little Woo Jin is struggling to draw a picture of his mother who he barely remembers. He stops drawing in frustration when Byul comes in and asks what’s the matter. On understanding his worries she asks if he would like to see his mother again and he nods and returns to drawing. Please tell me we are not going to see some resurrected zombie!

Part 1 : The Beta Project

As Woo Jin cries on the ground with his brother, Chief Hong, Min Young and Professor Park arrive. As the others crowd around the twins Professor Park notices a blinking light and the screen lit up at “Access Permit”. He notices that as Woo Jin leaves the room, the access is stopped. Uh-oh.

Bum Gyum is meanwhile wheeled into surgery and Evil Park starts acting all innocent by playing Professor Han as even worse character than he is. Typical villian in the shrouds.

Jung Yeon is taken in a car by Professor Han as he escaped after having moved all his data to a secret location. Jung Yeon however attacks him and manages to escape when the police come and she walks back to where Woo Jin is.

Bum Gyum meanwhile wakes up after the surgery and identifies Professor Han as his captor. A menacing figure in the shadows is with the evil cop and is after Professor Han. They are revealed to be Human B, the organisation funding all this mad research.

Evil Park meets up with Professor Han and realises that he doesn’t know about the blinking detector and computer in the old home, he then ties up Professor Han and manages to brain wash Senior Lee as well. I guess this is how the two formed an alliance to be Chief Lee and Minister Park, later.

After some time Chief Hong arrives to get Bum Gyum’s testimony on Professor Han but realise that his memories are fading and he only remembers upto the time he chased after Blue bird. Professor Park tries accessing the system but to no avail. He then gets the CCTV access of the computer in the room and convinced Woo Jin and Jung Yeon to check it out.

As soon as Woo Jin enters the sensor detects him and activates leading to him seeing the system is actually a log of all his memories that is retrievable and can be played liek a video. As Evil Park watches in shock as well they realise that Byul gave him a memory box (the sensor) so that he can see his mother again. Well, well, well.

Brave New World

After the altercation with Evil Park, the trio are now in a church hiding as they are now on the wanted list and strict security measures are in place.

Meanwhile Evil Park is meeting up with congressman in order to get the new bill on human cloning to be legalised. Great, what is this guy upto next?

The trio then capture Chief Lee’s secretary Shin who leads them to this lonely home whivh has been kept as top secret. Ho Soo keeps her at gunpoint while Bum Gyum and Jung Yeon look through the house.

They finally find, not Woo Jin but an elderly and totally delulu Professor Han who is still on the hunt for the solution to his research. Looks like Professor Park and Chief Lee went straight to human trials on him which led him to this state. I don’t know whether it’s apt to wonder but this is kind of karmic in a way. But evil when considering Evil Park and his plan of course. Bum Gyum asks him the whereabouts of Woo Jin to which he answers that Woo Jin is dead much to their shock. Meanwhile Secretary Shin has managed to alert Human B and reinforcements are on their way.

Episode 10

We see a flashback of Kim Gyu Chul handing over the cross shaped USB to his mother and leave worriedly.

The Beta Project

Woo Jin and Jung Yeon realize the extensive power of Byul’s creation and Professor Park as well sees the same through the CCTV. Professor Park is later captured by Human B but he makes a deal with them as he is the only person who now has knowledge of Human B.

Meanwhile Bum Gyum has lost nearly all his recent memories which resulted in him being happy and normal instead of crazy and going behind aliens. At one point Woo Jin even considers leaving his brother so which angers Min Young. In case Bum Gyum forgets everything, Woo Jin stores all his memories on hard disks for his brother to use. These must be the tapes that the future Bum Gyum used to regain his memories as we saw in the Smart Earth version of the series.

Unfortunately the surgery on Bum Gyum won’t be that easy as the people who put it in him know only how to take it out securely. As Woo Jin is confused and worried Jung Yeon stops a kidnapping of Bum Gyum and the trip are now on the run. Professor Park meets up with Woo Jin and tells him that he and Jung Yeon have to bring themselves in for an end to this. Woo Jin realises he needs his father’s research data and from his memories realizes it’s in the cross shaped USB. He goes to his grandmother and literally cries resulting in her giving it to him. He plugs it in and sees that it is the last entry of his father’s beta project and cries in happiness that he finally found the research data and can save his brother.

A Brave New World

As Human B catches up to them Ho Soo gives himself up as bait and Minister Park and team immediately connect into his chip to gather more information. Suddenly the Human B systems are attacked by Blue Bird. Astonished they realised that a virus was implanted bg Ho Soo’s chip which he planned to do at great risk. With the security system down, Jung Yeon and Bum Gyum enter the building and try to go to the server room but are captured.

Bum Gyum is thrown in and locked in a room whereas Jung Yeon is taken in by Minsiter Park to implant a chip and finally get those memroies once and for all. Doesn’t he have everything he needs? What more does he want? Just as she is about to be cut the power completely shuts down and the super computer goes off.

Jung Yeon fights off her captors and Bum Gyum’s electronic lock has now unlocked and they run up the stairs while Minister Park orders to find “Circulate”. As the duo climbs the stairs they meet a person and are startled. Bum Gyum crying asks – Woo Jin, is that you? NO WAAAAAYYYYYY!

Episode 11

Woo Jin thinks he has found the data but realizes that it’s only a video of his father mentioning that the data has been destroyed as he feels that humans must not be handling such technology. We see a flashback where Kim Gyu Chul and Professor Han fight against their ethics and craze to make a point in this research. Byul seeing the impact of her invention requests her memories to be erased which Kim Gyu Chul does and which is why we are at this point of this story.

Woo Jin realises he needs the people to do his brothers surgery and decides to go to the villians anyways. He meanwhile tells everyone he is leaving but doens’t reveal that the USB is empty. He asks Jung Yeon to travel to his grandmother’s care facility as well. Once he reaches the evil lair of the villians he hold the USB and a glass of acid and tells them that he will only let them have it once the surgery is over. Meanwhile the surgery commences for Bum Gyum. In a scuffle however, the usb falls in the acid and everyone is enraged. But Woo Jin says that they can just go back to the home and watch the video from his memories . Once at the home, he has set up a music system to blare this large noise when he switches it on, and he makes his escape. He is however chased and lands in a car crash.

As Woo Jin bleeds out on the road the next scene pans to him waking up in a hospital room and running down some stairs to meet Jung Yeon and Joon Hyuk at the end of Episode 10 asking him if he is Woo Jin. He recognises Jung Yeon but not Bum Gyum but when he keeps askin if he’s woo Jin he asks whether he is Bum Gyum. What. Is. Happening. Here.

A Brave New World

As the episode progresses we see that Woo Jin is in fact a clone of the real Woo Jin who died after two years at a gruelling connection to life-support. That explains why Minister Park was so insistent on legalising cloning. Back at the church they have a bewildered conversation on how to save Woo Jin and escape Smart Earth but that conversation ends up as a fight as Bum Gyum can’t acknowledge this is his brother as his real brother died years ago.

Meanwhile now that Circulate has escaped, all hell is breaking loose in Smart Earth and they put out a terrorist capture warning for Bum Gyum, Jung Yeon and Woo Jin. As everyone discusses about saving or letting Woo Jin go he sadly realizes that his capture would lead to safety and walks off.

He is however stopped by Bum Gyum and the two have a tearful conversation. Bum Gyum tells that he is who he is because of his brothers memories and that the fact that his memories and emotions remain he is ready to embrace him as his Woo Jin, his brother. The two hug and cry. Awwww.

Episode 12 (Final)

The brothers have a cheerful conversation but things get serious again because now they need a plan to help Woo Jin and ruin Human B. They come to the conclusion that the only way is they can access Mayor Yoon’s memories and show the world through his empties what Minister Park is up to. Meanwhile Minister Park has ordered the SWAT team to come and capture the trio.

After a sequence of scenes we see that Woo Jin has been captured alone by the SWAT team. A bait, perhaps? He is taken back and the super computer comes back on and Evil Park takes his chip to go through his memories and goes through them discussing their plan while Woo Jin waits for them to execute their plan. It turns out that the SWAT team that Woo Jin was taken in by were Jung Yeon and Bum Gyum who were in disguise. Meanwhile Min Young has entered and helped kidnap Mayor Yoon whose memories on Evil Park are released. At the signal Jung Yeon and Bum Gyum escape with Woo Jin but they are chased by Park and his allies at the rooftop.

A fight ensues for Minister Park to get back the cube and Circulate – III but in between the scuffle Woo Jin throws the cube away and Minister Park jumps after it in desperation killing himself. Well, well, well.

The following are a set of conclusion scenes the most important of which is when the trip see a news article a bright flashing light, similar to how the brothers experienced thirty years ago when they met Byul. The camera zooms into her eyes and we see Galaxies. The series ends there. Season 2 perhaps?

Well that’s that and wrap to the series recap! For the review of the series click the link at the top of this post! It’s been a definite rollercaoster that’s

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