Watch With Me – The King : Eternal Monarch – Ep 5 – recap

After a rather slow and slightly confusing 4 episodes we are now at Episode 5! I have high hopes for this one. Why, you may ask? Because Lee Gon has now taken Tae Ul back to his kingdom in the other dimension!

Now if all this sounds nuts to you, you can check out the episode recaps of the other episodes here . Also the show is streaming on Netflix so you can watch the episodes as their air in Korea over there! Now onto the recap!

We are at the scene where we are with Lee Gon and a rather shocked Tae Ul as they have now travelled a dimension to the Kingdom of Korea. The head court lady is informed that the king has arrived with a woman and he instructs that the king return via the sea route so that not too many palace staff will find out. Lee Gon doens’t care that much as he goes to the stables to have Maximum checked on first. Priorities would definitely be checking up on your premium, imported, beautiful , horse. I would do it too if I had a horse.

We cut to a scene where the two are on horseback in a place that is pinkish and purplish with flashes of lightning. She aks him if this is another dimension to which he answers that he is not that sure and that feels it’s and he feels that it is an in-between kind of place. He shows her a balloon that is still and says that time doens’t pass here at all and that one hour here is like ten days out in the real world and that the clock stops. She asks him how he calculated that if time stops and he says he used Euler’s number. I remember learning about this number but I totally forgot what it means! Someone help me out in the comments! Also I am loving this math-whiz vibe that Lee Gon is having!

Meanwhile Young realises that she is the same woman from the ID card and is in disbelief.

As Lee Gon takes her to his study in the palace she notices that there are many familiar people here – Young, the girl in the PR office of the Palace and so on. We then see a few hilariously cute scenes with Lee Gon and the head court lady who is annoyed he brought a woman so late in the night and she is also shocked that it is the woman in the ID card.

She is eventually escorted into her room by the head court lady stating that it’s the farthest from the Emperor’s room. As she sits all sad on the floor and after noticing there’s a guard outside, Lee Gon suddenly walks in through the window. That was just adorable and totally unexpected. Also how funny is it that the king has to sneak around his own palace! He sits next to her and talks about how she feels and the tricks her saying there are 12 CCTVs in the room. She is shocked and doesn’t believe him even after he tells her he was joking. To prove that there are no CCTVs he lies down on her shoulder and then while talking about his dating experience, he abruptly gives her a soft kiss. I didn’t expect that! But that was adorable!

Meanwhile back in the real world Shin Jae looks at his message to Tae Ul which is still unread.

The next day Lee Gon gives her some security uniforms so that she can walk around with him as he attends all his events. She realises that he really is the king and starts believing this crazy world. Eventually Young takes her aside, gives her some normal clothes and tells that she is free to roam around. She borrows some money from Young and walks around Busan in the Kingdom. Aa Lee Gon travels on his airplane for his next schedule he sees in his browser history about what all she Googled including about him and a lot of normal things. In between he sees a search about him and the Prime Minister and he suppresses a giggle. He then sees a search about him and Lee Rim, and his face turns to one of concern.

Meanwhile our villian Lee Rim is now talking to a pregnant woman. He throws in some pictures of her looking all rich and fabulous unlike her drabby nature now. She asks him scathingly why he had to photoshop her in like this and he remarks that this version of her is from a rich family and marries a rich man in New York and has a wonderful life and a child. She doesn’t believe him which is when he looms in and says that this is her in another dimension living the best life. She is in shock as she listens to his brainwash about how she should join with him and that life would be for her. The woman, agrees. Omg are they going to kill the other lady? What is his plan anyways?

As Tae Ul walks around Busan she realises that she really is a different world. She then boards the CTX (a replacement of KTX) to Seoul. She also notices there’s a train to Pyongyang in North Korea in this place. As she walks to her train some goons start trailing her and Young interrupts them. Looks like Young has been assigned to follow her. Young asks them to go away while the goons tell him that that is the girl they were trying to catch on the day the King ran after a girl in a bunny hoodie. So this girl – called Luna, I guess she is Tae Ul’s version in this dimension. Remember guys in the first episode right before meeting Lee Gon and his horse she had gotten startled by Luna in her car! I’m interested to see what role Luna will have to play!

We then see the Prime Minister have brunch with her friends or something and we see that the pregnant lady that Lee Gon wants to kill is the Prime Minister’s friend. Uh-oh.

We see Tae Ul walking around literally everywhere and ends her search near her home looking for a lady that looks like her. I guess, it’s her mom. As she walks back to the train station she realises she doesn’t have money for a return train and the last bus left as well. She tries calling the palace many times for help and the King gets information of a woman from Seoul who called 17 times looking for the king. He asks his helicopter to be redirected to Seoul where Young then takes her to the bottom of a building where Lee Gon comes out. Lee Gon asks wh he has been hunting for in Seoul and she sadly tells its her mom and Lee Gon looks concerned at one point .As Lee Gon makes fun of her for her internet searches, the Prime Minister arrives, after hearing about the Kings landing in Seoul. She extends her hand to Tae Ul, and the episode ends there.

Takeaways from the episode

Well I hope this doesn’t turn out to be some sort of love triangle fight per se because that would be very unlike how Tae Ul is like! I’m glad that this episode has actually shown some better progress, in fact I can’t wait for the next one. Also it looks our villian is making a rally of trusted people to be on his side on the Kingdom dimension. Let’s see how it goes from here!


    • Yes I was waiting for his comeback too since he had gone for his military enlistment! So far the drama is going well despite the tough competition in viewership ratings! Thank you for commenting and reading!


      • That’s cool! Let me know what you feel! Currently the series is having a huge battle for ratings! Thank you for reading and commenting!


      • I am currently watching THE KING drama……i agree with you… First 2 episode where little confusing… But later I liked episode after the girl lead travel the parallel universe.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Me too! Looks like more and more things are being revealed with more episodes! Currently the series is lacking in ratings because another series called World of the Married is doing pretty well! But that shouldn’t dampen the watching! It’s trending on Netflix anyways!


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