Watch With Me – The King : Eternal Monarch – Ep 6 – recap

Things are getting way more interesting than the first few episodes you guys! We finally have the story moving! I’m interested to see how Tae Ul spends the rest of the time in the kingdom althoughh something tells me she is going to leave pretty soon! Also I saw some articles about people making fun of the CGI in the scene where the lead couple reaches the land in between 1 and 0. They found the CGI very badly done likes it’s almost done in the early 2000s. My take on that is, I agree it wasn’t the best of CGI ever made, but does that really impact our watching experience that much for us to actually criticise the show in its entirety? I don’t think so. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments! Now onto the recap!

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At the end of the last episode we stopped at miss Prime Minister arriving to see Lee Gon with Tae Ul, as Tae Ul was stranded and needed to be picked up. To be picked up by the king, only in dramaland I tell you! After Prime Minister introduces herself to Tae Ul who doesn’t actually reveal her name, Lee Gon and Tae Ul go back into the building to board the helicopter. As they leave Lee Gon places his arms around Tae Ul, and let’s just say Prime Minister didn’t take that too well. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

As they go back in the helicopter, Tae Ul comes to ask something about whether there are stories of how there are rabbits on the moon like it’s told in her dimension. She feels it’s a silly question and doesn’t ask which is when Lee Gon holds her hand and asks her to write there. Following that is an adorable scene where she writes her question on his hand and he writes back that’s not true and that moon is the nearest satellite and made up of….he basically talked like a sciene major. As Young and Gon’s secretary watches this we can’t not smile at this. This scene wasn’t that crucial to the recap but I had to add it, it was adorable!

We then see another heart warming scene where Lee Gon cooks Tae Ul a meal and the two have a warm conversation. Both of them are clearly interested in each other and what can we say, openly dating now as well. She tells him she must leave and needs her ID card and he tells her that he won’t let her go until he feels like it. But he shows the ID card anyways and she just can’t believe that it’s been with for 25 years.

We also see some flashback scenes to how Tae Ul protected Shin Jae when he was being beaten up by some bullies as well. These two go a long way and looks like he has been holding feelings inside for her for a long time.

Meanwhile a sudden invasion from Japan on the seas leads the Prime Minister to call in a National Security Council. She has a discussion with the leaders and while they ask her to wait, she decides that we must act and make sure they don’t try this again and calls the Emperor to start the war operations. Okay I just got to mention here that Prime Minister was really knowledgeable and badass in this discussion. If she was real she would have been one crazy role model! As Lee Gon gets the news, he informs the PM that yes we can start an attack and that he will lead it on the seas. He says to Tae Ul that he has to leave her earlier than he thought and that he can’t say a proper goodbye. He asks her to wait for him and she says she will wait for him to come to her. I’m getting these war drama vibes now guys. Meanwhile the Head Court Lady notices that the ID card that Tae Ul had brought with her has been stolen from her room and she informs it to Lee Gon. He feels like events from 25 years ago seems to be making a return again and then leaves for war.

We then see some very detailed and dramatic war sequences where Lee Gon boards the ship and raises the Emperor’s flag on the ship. As the enemy ships come in closer instead of taking a defensive position since the king is on board, Lee Gon directs them for an offensive attack. Eventually the enemy retracts. While the board is angered at the PM’s decision they are shocked to know the king is on board. Lee Gon’s uncle who is in China hears the news and takes the fastest return flight back home.

Meanwhile we see a scene where Lee Gon and Tae Ul say goodbye in the in-between-world. Tae Ul had bought some seeds in the Kingdom and she drops a few on the ground in the in-between-world even though Lee Gon says there is no measure of time and it won’t grow.

Back home she plants the seeds in a pot and starts analysing the voice mail related to her case. The voice mail talks about stadiums and places that don’t exist in Korea at all and she is confused as to what they mean.

Meanwhile Young has confirmed that Luna and Tae Ul look alike and is worried for Lee Gon.

Meanwhile as Tae Ul listens again to the voice tapes she realizes that the tapes mention the King’s uncle and that unlike how North Korea and South Korea are mentioned as two countries the voice note mentions the Northern region and Southern region ; like how the people in the Kingdom mentions it as the country is not split in that dimension. She realizes in shock that something to do with the other dimension has a role in this.

Meanwhile Lee Gon’s uncle meets up with him and gives Lee Rim’s actual post moretm report. He mentions that Lee Rim was not killed by the guards but was killed by a rupture in the neck. And he was a very fit man, but the body they found was one that was sufferring from polio and that too from birth. Although impossible, the DNA was a perfect match. His uncle tells Lee Gon how he wants to uncover the mystery but Lee Gon realizes the danger, and that Lee Rim too has been travelling across the dimensions. I must say they came to a conclusion faster than I thought they would.

The next scene shows that Lee Rim has visited Nari’s coffee shop stating he will keep visiting. Uh-oh. He wants to replace the palace PR staff with her identical look alike from this dimension Nari! As he walks out he passes by Eun Seob as well. Nooooo…not Eun Seob! Lee Gon will be in immense danger if Young is also traded for his henchman! Omg!

The ending scenes show that Lee Gon has arrived to meet Tae Ul who runs and huge her. He then thinks to himself – Tae Ul wasn’t the real danger, he is.

Takeaways from the episode

Honestly speaking a lot hasn’t moved in this episode. Most of the time was spent on the war sequences and the romantic moments mostly. I guess they won’t go much into the developing realtionship of the leads as they need to ficus on the story more? The story serious has some potential and it would be sad to see that go to waste on romantic scenes that weren absolutely necessary. Yes, the feel-good factor is there, but we must not lose our plot there! Also I am really curious to know what Lee Rim will do because let’s face as it, he has the upper hand. He probably knows more about this dimensional travel more than Lee Gon does, unless all that math actually did some good! There’s nothing strong to be discussed about the war sequences unless the political inate also has a role in the story? We never know! Let’s do wait for the next episodes to find out!

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