Watch with me : The King : Eternal Monarch – Ep 7 – recap

The series has just started warming up with episodes 5 and 6 and until now I’m all about it on mixed reviews at the moment, and I will talk about all that after ny review after episode 8 because we have reached the middle of the series – which is slated for 16 episodes! Now that Lee Gon is back in Tae Ul’s world, what is going to happen? Is Tae Ul going to investigate the mysterious voice clip? Let’s see!

For the recaps and other related posts on this series – click here. Now onto the recap!

As Head Court Lady and Prince Bu Yeong release the ashes of the “fake” Lee Rim, he admits to her that this isn’t the real Lee Rim and he fears that he is still out there. Lee Gon meanwhile thinks about the same and fears that he will be back for the flute , or rather the other half of it and fears Tae Ul might be in danger too, as we see another scene where Lee Rim develops an image of Shin Jae and Tae Ul.

Meanwhile Head Court Lady has found the mole in the palace via some social media investigations and fires her. She was working in the wardrobe department and was providing information about the king to the Prime Minister’s assistant.

Meanwhile a new report has reached Tae Ul and her squad. A woman who was nudered after her neck was slit. The victims roommate gives a testimony that she had left the room for some time when the boyfriend came in and came back to find her friend murdered. The hunt starts to fins the boyfriend, who is now on the run.

As Tae Ul meets Na Ri at the cafe she is shocked to see her sporting the same haircut sported by her “twin” in the other dimension. Lee Rim did visit th cafe at the end of the last episode, would he have already caught up with her? Or am I o er thinking? As Na Ri asks where Tae Ul was the past few days she says she was at a guys “place”. Not that, that’s a lie! LOL

At this point there is a conversation on how there can’t be two of one thing and how one is bound to destroy the other as it upsets the balance of the universe, kind of like how the existence of aliens is always covered. There’s been a lot of direct and indirect scientific citation in this series so far but this one is something I’m not buying that much, because does it really have to be that way? Maybe that’s the whole point of the series. I don’t usually question scientific facts in series and movies but I dunno about this one, anyway let’s see.

Lee Gon tries to sneak off with Maximus but is caught by Young who is trying his best to convince that Tae Ul is a criminal after hearing about Luna. Lee Gon notes that Tae Ul has a twin in how world as well and asks Young to come with him. Young is shocked that he has been approved for a vacation already and stands in shock as the door to the other world opens up.

So sometime back in this episode there was a mention that HG group was in the processing of handing down the ownership to its successor and we see a son bowing down to his father getting in the car.

We now see that Chairman and his son visiting Lee Rim and addressing him by his imperial title as the Prince. The son rebukes his dad for bowing like an idiot like that. Suddenly time freezes and Lee Rim gets a heads up that Lee Gon is travelling again, and we see Prime Minsiter get scared by her twins reflection on a mirror. That would scared me too.

As time unfreezes Lee Rim says it’s time for the chairman’s “real” son to inherit the company. The sons twin enters, and the son is stabbed by Lee Rim’s henchman. The murder is completed by the twin rushing forward and stabbing him again. Just what does Lee Rim promise these people? And he seems to be having an awful lot of people on his team! I have no idea how this will turn out!

We now but back to the scene where we ended the last episode – Tae Ul meets up with Lee Gon. She sees Young and thinks it’s Eun Sup and jokes with him but realises in shock that it’s Young.

Just as they were talking about keeping Young out of Eun Sup’s way, Eun Seob walks in and we see some comical scenes as the two come to realise about themselves and about the parallel world’s. Tae Ul tells them that there are firm rules – Eun Seob can go out in the day and Young at night. She then leaves the two alone as she goes out with Lee Gon and the two talk about their families – Eun Seob has young twin siblings but Young’s parents divorced long ago.

The two have a fun date together which is when Tae Ul actually gets onto topic and shows the voice recording. Lee Gon says it’s too dangerous for her to continue investigating this but she says she will. Lee Gon them gives Lee Rim’s post mortem report and she decides to investigate along that line. Tae Ul gives him a list of instructions he must follow whereas Lee Gon asks her to never request him to leave or to stay.

Meanwhile Shin Jae notices that someone is following him as some people in the car take pictures of him. We also see a flashback scene where Shin Jae opens his eyes and his parents scream in happiness that their son has now woken up. What is really going on with him anyways? Meanwhile Tae Ul’s investigation finds that Lee Rim’s twin had died of natural causes in a hospital here and was physically disabled. She also gathers news about his nephew’s and brothers deaths and realizes that Lee Gon’s twin died many years ago. Meanwhile Young and Lee Gon are at a hot. Lee Gon says he will leave soon but he has a job for Young.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Seo Ryeong gets news of a fingerprint that was scanned from the palace and finds out about Luna who will be released from jail soon. She then gets a package from her mother and it shows a newspaper that says “Donald Trump visited North Korea”. She keeps the paper aside stating it’s fake news and walks out.

Meanwhile Luna is released from jail and light a cigarette only to be met by Seo Ryeong who greets her and tells her she is happy to see her.

Takeaways from the episode

Well, well, well. I’m glad the series is catching up on speed although I amy have liked it sped up a little more. Generally one hour K-Drama episodes would have little scenes built in it like romantic dates and other sub plots to move the plot through the tire number of slated episodes. But it’s still moving at a good enough pace for me compared to the first two episodes anyways. Another thing I noticed is that new characters get brought in when Lee Rim gets a new twin for his army which throws off my balance on the story as I get confused as to who they are and what their role is – for instance the chairman from today’s episode, the pregnant lady from earlier episodes. Although it becomes clear later on it does confuse a little. Other than that I’m excited to see how these two world’s and it’s characters are going to collide. Especially

Luna and Tae Ul.

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