Watch With Me – The King : Eternal Monarch – Ep 8 – recap

Well we have reached the middle of the series at episode 8! I don’t have much to say but I’m diving straight in!

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As Tae Ul looks at her ID card and wonders about her twin, Lee Rim is informed by his henchman of Luna and he asks him to get Luna for him as Tae Ul is an unexpected part of the story. Uh-oh. Lee Gon better have his guard up.

We pan back to Luna and Seo Ryeong who keeps asking Luna questions about their last meetup and peers in at her. Luna grabs her wrist and asks her to stay away and that she has never even voted for her, let alone meet her before as she was in jail. As Luna leaves, Seo Ryeong realises that something is up and that she has stolen her bracelet. LOL

Luna then beats up a guy to get her money back and threatens to harm his son if he doesn’t. She’s badass I tell you.

Meanwhile Tae Ul is at the hopsital to investigate about Lee Rim’s dead twin and the hospital manager doesn’t give her any helpful info – saying that the information won’t be available as they keep only ten years of information and that for anything other than that a warrant is required. I beg that lady works for Lee Rim!

Meanwhile the twin pregnant woman is dressing up like her rich twin and is watching videos about the prime minister. I guess that’s Lee Rim’s target. Meanwhile Lee Rim visits Prime Minister’s home again asking for his left umbrella and she also finds out that her mother never sent her any newspaper in the mail. Luna meanwhile gets a key from a little boy playing with a yo-yo and goes somewhere that sounds like a van of sorts.

Meanwhile Lee Gon and Young are out to eat at his favorite restaurant, but soon meet up with the goons that Lee Gon fought last time. As the goons advance on them, Lee Gon asks Young not to kill them and just chase them away when he realises it’s just Eun Seob dressed as Young. Eun Seob runs away and Lee Gon fends for himself but Young runs in and beats them up. Suddenly the police chief comes up and is shocked at how much Eun Seob has improved and they walk off with the goon chief.

Meanwhile on stake out Tae Ul and Jangmi catch up with the boyfriend who is the main suspect for the murder.

We see a dinner with Shin Jae and his mom and she tells him how relieved she was when he woke up after so long. It’s also revealed his father is in jail and that he send him money. Meanwhile back in the kingdom, a lady that looks like Shin Jae’s mother sees adult photos of him in a book in the bookstore and cries. Wait so in which world is Shin Jae really from? Omg.

At the investigation the boyfriend is adamant that he didn’t kill the girl and their suspicion moves into the roommate. At that exact moment, the roommate calls and confesses to murdering her friend. What-?

Meanwhile Gon visits the restaurant and catches the owner saying “Your High-” and stopping himself. Lee Gon leaves immediately and tells Young that they may not be the only ones from the Kingdom here. Meanwhile back in the kingdom the Prime Minister’s mother looks through some old history books and is shocked to see Lee Rim’s photo as he has just left from her restaurant after taking the umbrella.

As the culprit is arrested, Tae Ul comes to know that the roommate who is arrested had two cell phones and is shocked. She starts searching for the second phone while Shin Jae receives a report of the dead twin of Lee Gon that Tae Ul is looking up and gets curious.

Meanwhile Gon and Young have captured the restaurant owner and decides to take him back to the kingdom for further investigation and holds on to his phone. Meanwhile the now jailed woman is visited by Lee Rim’s henchman. We find out that she killed her roommate as she overheard one of the phone conversations and that is unwilling to give them the second phone until she is properly released is taken care of from this.

Meanwhile Gon and Tae Ul meet up and decide to meet the only living relative of Gon’s in this world. His mother. Meanwhile Shin Jae is seen visiting little twin Lee Gon’s grave and his mother sees him leave. She follows Shin Jae in the car and asks whether that boy is a friend of her son from the other world. She doesn’t get an answer and she says she knows she is trapped. She says she knows that even if she kills herself they will revive her. We see from her wrist that she has tried to kill herself multiple times. When she means revive, does Lee Rim have powers to bring back people from the dead or something? We also see Shin Jae remember a scene from his childhood where he sees the young Lee Gon mourn the death of his father on TV (episode 1). It’s confirmed guys, Shin Jae is from the kingdom!

Back in the kingdom So Ryeong gets the newspaper again and goes through it and is shocked to see her face at a baseball match. It’s her twin. Although I’m not sure why Lee Rim is showing her this though.

Shin Jae sees Run Seob with a suspicious photo on his phone. Turns out it’s Young’s phone and Shin Jae sees his photo with Lee Gon in military uniform. He then goes inside Lee Gon’s hotel room and digs up to find the post mortem report and the King’s symbol. Young catches him and keeps him at gunpoint which is when Lee Gon enters. He screams at Gon and asks him what the symbol is and whether he is the crying boy Lee Gon from TV. At first Lee Gon asks whether Tae Ul told his name and he slowly realises that’s not the case. He then says thay must return to his kingdom quickly as Shin Jae is from his kingdom – cue dramatic episode end!

Takeaways from the episode

I guess our main takeaway would be from Shin Jae being from the kingdom! Although yes we should have known from the way he was doodling the emblem of the Royal family in the early episodes yet. I bet smart theorisers may have guessed that but I’m just dumb and thought it was something else LOL! I’m also pretty curious on why Lee Rim wants to show the Prime Minister the newspaper becuase I was under the impression he was targeting the Prime Minister too when he got that pregnant lady, who is the prime minister’s friend to be on his side. For all we know it might not even have been Lee Rim who sent the newspaper! I am also curious on what sort of tasks that Lee Gon has set for Young in the world of Tae Ul! There’s lots to look forward to,so let’s see!

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