May 2020 – Bullet Journal setup

Late is not even the word I have for this post! But so much was going on amidst the national lockdown and everything. Most of my time was spent on my full time job and the household chores that I had to do and there was another big planning going on which I will update in an upcoming post! Now without any more delays!

The May set up was actually an adaptation of Amanda Rach Lee’s 2017 May setup. Unfortunately my drawing skills were never that good and with the time I had correcting the patterns within the waves proved to be too difficult. This is the point where I improvised. I went for more fluid and pastel colored waves to capture the theme of this month. I wouldn’t call it waves per se. Maybe more like swirls and patterns.

I was lucky enough to find a quote that really suited the times and mood that we are going through now. What we need above everything else now is the persistence and strength to outlive this situation. I’m sure that if we take all the measures necessary we can overcome this guys!

The monthly setup- I really didn’t want to capture a wave like design for every part in the month as it would become quite overwhelming the whole spread. So taking the waves and swirls into mind I decided to simplify it with the humble curly bracket. And that turned out better than I thought! I also forgot to mention, the colors that I chose this time are different forms of sea-blue, blue-green etc. as is evident from the cover page.

The part I loved the most? Will definitely be this mood tracker. I was kind of sad I was not able to recreate the waves that I intended to on the cover page but I am happy I was able to do that with this mood tracker! This one was an inspiration that I got from Pinterest! I’m very sure the end result is going to look amazing!

The weekly setup was an inspiration from instagram. Again I didn’t want to go for too many swirls and curls overpowering the page as the requirement was for actually tracking down things during the week! So considering the sea-shades that I chose for the color palette of this month, I decided to go with water bubbles over the headers. Each of the 4 weeks have been given one accent color and the last page has all the days that don’t have a good part of the week attached to them. Which is quite less in the month of May. In some other months around 3-4 days would come in the beginning or ending weeks so I end up giving them a full week spread. But this month it happened to be very less so I decided to do it like that. It doesn’t matter really as long as the person who uses it is comfortable with it!

So that’s my spread for May 2020! What do you think? I would love to see yours as well please do link them in the comments for me to see! And do let me know of any good adaptations and themes for the future months as well! Until the next month!

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