The 5 Year Journal – April 2020

Hello and I am back with my update on my five year journal! Now if you are wondering what a five year journal is it’s basically a diary with 365 questions. Each question is answered daily over a period of 5 years. Over the years seeing how our answers change over the most simple or the most intense questions show us an introspection on how much we change over time! On my blog I post about the questions I answered this month and the questions and responses that I found the most special!

If you are wondering about the source of these questions, I got it from Pinterest!

The first special question was major deadline. I guess that’s a question that foudl impact you most when you transition from a student to a person with a job, for instanxe one year your deadline would be for an assignment and the next year it could be an important project or meeting at work! But life can take us to a lot of surprises so I’m sure this question will give a lot of surprises too!

The favorite TV show is also bound to change a lot over the years. I can’t wait to see how my taste would change over the years!

Talking about next major purchases – well that’s a lot. Now that it’s a national lockdown due to corona I have literally no access other than to essential goods. Of course we all have come to a realisation that we don’t need all those excessive things as much as we thought we needed them but I still miss some things! How is the COVID-19 situation in your country? Let me know in the comments!

Well those are the special questions from April! What were your favorite questions! Are you doing a five year journal too? Remember it’s never too late to do so! Let me know in the comments below!

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