Watch with me : The Untamed (2019) : Mid-watch review

Hello everyone!

It’s been quite some time since I updated on my Watch With Me series on the series “The Untamed”. So many other posts and series came up in between and ne managing everything on the blog led to it being held off but I’m back at it again to blast through the series and finsih it! And that’s not because I want to be done with it but rather I wanna know what happened!

So right now we have completed watching episode 25 at the moment. Which means we are right at the middle of the series which has a total of 50 episodes in a single season. If you want to read recaps on any of the other episodes click here.

Now when you click that link, you would also have seen an initial expectation that I had of the series before I began to watch it as well. Now that we are right in the middle of the watch, it’s a perfect time to review those expectations and see how it net reality and what we can expect for the rest of the episodes!

So the first thing I found about the drama was that it was a historical mythological theme unlike it being just historical like I thought. Now that we are halfway in I guess the historical would be a vague term here since it doesn’t really point to any specific period in history on which it is based on. It’s purely fictional with the storyline set in a historical settings. And the mythological setting? You bet it is. The story is based around demonic cultivators who possess different capabilities and powers mostly practised by their swordsman talents. All our characters are cultivators as well. Different members belong to different “clans” each which have their own heritage and qualities. Most of the clans co-exist peacefully but of course we would have a rogue clan that would refuse to go the good way – The Wen clan – who are our villians.

I understood after the first few episodes that the Wen clan were the villains here. But there was one question that was hanging around a lot and that was Wei Wuxian. We had seen in the first episode that Wei Wuxian was pictured as the feared Yiling Patriarch who eventually was pushed to death by none other than Jjang Cheng, his brother. But Wei Wuxian was part of the Jjang clan and has no associations with the Wen clan. How did he end up to be villian? Why was he feared? What did he do?

And another fact remains that the Wen clan has been literally terminated by episode 25. So I am guessing the remaining story would be about how Wei Wuxian became the villian he was feared to be in episode 1 and the story after which he was reincarnated 16 years later as well. That’s something I am excited to see because we really hit the realisation that the Wen clan and their power hungry ways was not the main issue that we would face in this story.

I am guessing though just like how I guessed before that Wei Wuxian being the righteous man he is, wanted to protect the innocents of the Wen clan, which the others had no interest in whatsoever. We can see that in the episode when the Jin clan calls everyone for a hunting party and uses innocent Wen clan members as bait for their shooting targets. It’s kind of sad, but it’s also a reality that normal citizens sometimes end up suffering due to the actions by bad leaders and that was exactly the case here. I guess Wei Wuxian protecting them got him to be angered by the other clans and coupled with that magical flute of dark magic I guess people just got another reason to stay away from him.

Also from what I understand, Wei Wuxian gave all his powers to Jjang Cheng so how is he wielding the power of the flute? Is that entirely different or something?

Now another thing that was highlighted literally all over the internet was the undeniable chemistry between our leads Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji. From how Lan Wangji held onto Wei Wuxian from that cliff I am sure that he is and will be the only one there for Wei Wuxian. So far the duo are very subtle but very powerful at that as well. Just goes to show you don’t need to demonstrate a lot out to get your true feelings across! I’m all for this duo and loving their screen time! Their contrasting personalities also make for some light hearted comedic elements as well on the show!

And finally my expectations on the next 25 episodes? I just wanna find out what happened next because it’s obvious we haven’t reached the Crux of the story yet! I’m pretty sure Wei Wuxian is going to get alienated for sure. Also little Jin looks like his mother and father who is unknown is dead. His mother is Yanli since Jjang Cheng is his uncle which means we are in for some tears as well! I really can’t wait!

Click the link at the top for the remaining episode recaps as I upload them! Do let me know your opinions on the series as well! And remember no spoilers to the future episodes in the comments! Hehe! Happy watching!

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