Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 26 – recap

Our clan members are at the Jin clan for a hunt and let’s just say that things did not go that smoothly with Wei Wuxian and Jin Xi Zuan. But there was one hint of good news and that’s we finally got to meet the Wen siblings again, where we last saw them a little before the Sunshot Campaign against the Wen clan! I’m sure Wei Wuxian is happy to see the siblings again but I am not so sure about how the other clan members will take them in as they see all Wen clan members to be evil like their leader Wen Ruohan. Anyways, let’s find out!

To read the other episode recaps, click on this link! I will attach the links as I upload recaps of each episodes. Now that we are at episode 26 we are at the halfway mark for the episodes and I have done a Mid-run review of the episodes I have seen so far and what my expectations are for the remaining half of episodes as well. That’s bee linked in the post with all the recaps as well in case you want to read it. Anyways, onto the post!

The clans are back at for a banquet after the hunt and every congratulates the Jjang clan for finishing the hunt the best amongst all the clans. After having met Wei Qing, he realises that Wei Ning is missing amongst several other Wen clan members who are innocent. When he asks the Clan leader of the Jin clan about it he pretends to not know anything.

Meng Yao (who is now a members of the Jin clan and has been given a changes name which I’m not mentioning to avoid confusion amongst the plethora of characters we have) asks Wei Wuxian to hand over the Stygian Tiger Amulet. Sure enough, he gets angered and releases some of that evil black magic energy and retorts that the Jin clan is becoming like the Wen clan as days passes. Out of fear they reveal the location of Wen Ning and the others – Qiongqi Road. Aahh it’s becoming evident that as each time Wei Wuxian angers the clan members he is getting distanced and being considered evil especially when he realeases all that dark energy! I can feel where this is going, guys!

Wei Wuxian arrives to find not just Wen Ning but all the other missing Wen clan disciples who are now parts of the mounds of corpses on the road. The Jin clan members try to hide the fact that they had used all these people for experiments and tries to kill Wei Wuxian and Wen Qing as well but he uses his flute and his powers which leads to Wen Ning being ressurected and annihilating everyone there. Well, hello Ghost general. Guess that’s how he became to be like this huh. Before things gets too worse, Wei Wuxian stops him and then leads him and the surviving Wen clan members to safety – only to be stopped by Lan Wangji.

Takeaways from the episode

So our doubts where how Wei Wuxian came to be feared so much amongst the clans in the present day and also how the cheerful and friendly Wen Ning became the Ghost general. Guess we got answers to both that questions and I kind of have a feeling how it’s going to go. It’s nice that they gave us a straightaway clue in the first episode of the second half itself! I’m excited to see how things go forth! Onto the next episode! You can find the other episodes link here!

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