Watch With Me – The King : Eternal Monarch – Ep 9 – recap

It’s Friday and you know what that means! Another episode of our Lee Min Ho comeback! Now the actions of the two dimensions seem to be known by more and more characters as time passes and we ended the last episode with the shocking truth that Shin Jae is in fact from the Kingdom and not the Republic. What was the purpose of that though? When will Lee Rim and Lee Gon face off? I guess we need to watch the episode to find out!

To read any of the recaps of the other episodes that have aired just click this link here. Also, we have currently completed watching half the series and I have linked an additional post where I have given an interim-review in the mid run of the series along with my expectations for the next half as well so be sure to check it out if you are interested! Now onto the recap!

The episode starts with Lee Gon and Tae Ul at an empty field. As we found out as part of Tae Ul’s investigation into Lee Rim’s twin that died in her world many years ago she found out that Lee Gon’s mother’s twin is still alive and the two trace back to the address. But as expected by Lee Gon the address happens to be an empty field. Therefore one thing is for sure, she is alive and she is under the control of Lee Rim.

Meanwhile Lee Gon assigns some tasks to Young to be done in the Republic and requests Eun Seob to accompany him back to the kingdom impersonating Young.

Seo Ryung has a conversation with her mother about the newspaper parcels she is getting from home and her mother tells her that she suspects Lee Rim has a son because someone who looked just like him had come to pick up the lost umbrella at the restaurant. Although Seo Ryeong dismisses it she picks up the paper and looks through it, concerned and suspicious.

Meanwhile we are now back at the scene where Shin Jae and Lee Gon confront each other in his hotel suite as Shin Jae wants yo know whether he is the crying boy, Lee Gon. Angered, Shin Jae asks him to leave and storms out and informs Tae Ul that he found out Eun Seob and Young. He asks her if she believes this science fiction story that Lee Gon has fed her to which she says yes. Shocked he walks off angry and stands in front of his old home. We get a flashback where a young Shin Jae is abandoned by his mother in the Kingdom as the TVs play the mourning of Lee Gon for his father’s death. As Shin Jae cries realising his mother has not returned Lee Rim arrives to help him. The next thing he knows is him waking up in his home in the Republic with his mother exclaiming that he has finally woken up.

Shin Jae then leaves on a long vacation and Lee Rim finds out that the restaurant owner (who Young and Lee Gon had captured) is now missing and that Tae Ul went searching in the hospital for more details on his dead twin. Lee Gon waits for Lee Rim to call on the mobile of the restaurant owner.

As Lee Gon remember the last conversation he had with Lee Rim, the phone rings. Lee Rim doens’t speak, but Lee Gon confirms that he knows that Lee Rim is behind this and that he has understood that he is now in the Republic of Korea.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister, Seo Ryeong visits her ex-husband in the jail. They have a conversation about how they have tapped each other and he asks her for a bail on his sentence. She doesn’t agree to that but gives him the task of finding out the source who is sending her the newspapers. Wonder what really happened with him though.

Tae Ul provides the details of the case she in investigating on a murder and Lee Gon realises that one of the caretakers in the stable is a twin of the killed man which means Lee Rim already has people planted on the palace. But there are so many others that are closer to him in the court though! Meanwhile Eun Seob and Young get ready so that Eun Seob can leave with Lee Gon.

The head court lady isnteucts their most trusted guards to go to the bamboo forest and await the Emperor’s commands. Lee Gon returns with Eun Seob pretending to be Young and hands over the restaurant owner who is to be detained in the deepest cells in the palace in secret. He also requests additional security around the bamboo forest and footages from his previous events as well. But I think Lee Rim is using a totally different gateway locations altogether but anyway we can’t risk it too much can we?

However Lee Gon is on the lookout for an aged man. He doesn’t ponder over the fact that Lee Rim wouldn’t have aged. Also more importantly how did Lee Rim not manage to age?

Lee Gon goes to the stables and takes that man away to be put under house arrest under further notice as well.

Meanwhile we flashback to the scene of Tae Ul complaining of how her seeds haven’t grown yet and Lee Gon jokingly commands it to grow as it is from his kingdom. She asks him about the seeds in the in-between world and whether he has explored that place more and he says that there is no sunlight, wind or time itself there. Which means the seeds won’t grow. Also one day there would be two months in the outside world which is too long a time he can disappear and tehir conversation ends. I guess that’s our answer as to why Lee Rim is not aging.

As Lee Gon watches the security footage of Tae Ul roaming the Kingdom he notices one child looking straight at the camera which startles him. Time then freezes and his shoulder pains and he rewinds the video of the boy agai. He realises that the date is 2022 and it doens’t seem to be an error and the clothes Tae Ul wearing is not right either. Wowoowow. Just hold up. Another dimension? Time travel? What is happening? He asks for the store in the video to be found but it is nowhere to be seen. As he investigates as to why he can’t find Lee Rim he finally realises that Lee Rim didn’t age and was in the security footages all along. As Lee Rim enters the kingdom on New Year’s day of 2020, Lee Gon and Lee Rim come face to face amidst the celebrations.

Takeaways from the episode

There is a lot of Science going on here guys. Now what? Is it time travel? But didn’t Luna go to that boy in the present time? So maybe that isn’t Tae Ul but is a more groomed Luna? I honestly dont know I hope they explain pretty soon without over complicating things. Shin Jae and hai purpose in Lee Rim’s plan is shrouded in mystery too. Also how many supporters does Lee Rim have anyways? I’m kind of glad Lee Gon figured out about Lee Rim not aging it’s about time! I’m not living for the moments between Lee Gon and Tae Ul – I just don’t know, the episode where she was at the kingdom with him showed some good chemistry but I’m just not feeling it after that. What do you guys feel? But I’m really loving how Young and Eun Seob are playing out! They really provide some light relief to the serious tone of the episode! What do you guys feel about the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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