Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) : Ep 29 – recap

Our duo is now back together having a conversation! What is Lan Wangji upto and why is he there? Lets read and find out!

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At the restaurant Wei Wuxian find out from Lan Wangji that Yanli and Jin Zi Xuan are set to get married. Although he is happy for her it’s evident that it pains him that he cannot see and celebrate it in person. He gets an alert that something has happened at the Burial Mound and rushes back with Lan Wangji and Wen Yuan.

They find that Wen Ning has risen and has gone out of control all over the Burial Mound. Thankfully he is brought back to control.

Lan Wangji before leaving tells Wei Wuxian to be careful but he also tells that he would always be there for Wei Wuxian when he is danger. That night the Wen clan members host a dinner party as a means to thank Wei Wuxian for everything he has done.

Lan Wangji is meanwhile punished. And he takes it all without a word.

Takeaways from the episode

Aahhhh looks like I saw too much into it and our duo is not coming back together – just not yet. I think I’ve told this a million times and I will tell a million times more the bond between the two and how it’s been depicted in this series is a very unique method and realtionship. You can’t but help being attached to these two! I wonder if we will see more episodes of Wen Ning go out of control again. I have a feeling we will, from how everyone saw the Ghost General though.

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