Watch With Me – The King : Eternal Monarch – Ep 10 – recap

Finally, finally, finally, we see that the series is finally catching up to speed on the actual crux of the story! I was worried they would delay it too much because there is nothing worse than having the central part of the story rushed because you spent all the other time on sub-plots, romance etc. Something that I feared was happening to this series. Anyway without wasting too much time let’s dive straight in!

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Tae Ul finally manages to find Shin Jae in front of a snack stall and he finally shows an inkling that he believes her after she tells him that the murder victims are in fact alive, but in another place, and that the two people they found so far suspiciously have two mobile phones – one of which is a 2G phone. I bet if Shin Jae didn’t know about the truth that he is from the Kingdom he would never have believed Tae Ul considering his personality. I guess that’s why it’s important that he had such a background story. Of course we are still yet to find out why Lee Rim brought Shin Jae in the first place.

Meanwhile we have a heated rush of romance as Lee Gon who realised that Lee Rim is not aging rushes to hear her voice only to find her in the bamboo forest waiting for him. Well, awww.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister is asking the Head Court Lady about how to shake (not flutter) the King’s heart and kind of makes it evident that she wants to become Queen. This kind of feels odd, I mean for a woman with such capabilities and power this compares to a more “shallow” character trait but I guess what’s on yhe surface is not what’s within people!

Meanwhile Lee Gon and Eun Sup who is disguised as Jo Young arrive at the police station and find out more info about Luna. We find out that she was let out early because she was terminally ill. What. Meanwhile Lee Gon digs into the restuarant owner and finds out that Lee Rim is in fact swapping lives across the dimensions.

Meanwhile we are back to the scene that we stopped at, at the end of episode 10. He realises that Lee Rim has entered the Kingdom and sets out to the bamboo forest. Realising there is another gaye he releases an event called “The Moonlight walk with the King” on the internet and heads to the area called Haeundae. As he walks on his horse between the crowd he spots Lee Rim.

The two face each other and Lee Gon calls out traitor Lee Rim which sends shock waves through the crowds. He taunts Lee Gon saying he finally sounds like a king when the palace guards arrive. It’s at this moment we realise that Lee Rim has arrived with his entourage of gaurds as well and captures two civilians when the palace guards aim their guns. Lee Gon alarmed asks them to lowers their arms which is when he is shot at only to be stopped by Eun Sup. Oh my gooooooddd!!! Lee Rim’s people then attacks the captured civilians. Lee Gon instructs his guards to help the people first and Lee Rim escapes. I don’t know why he didn’t realise that Lee Rim won’t be using the gateway in the bamboo forest. I mean that’s right in the palace grounds- be it Lee Rim or anyone for that matter it won’t be safe. Because he was late to reach Heuandae he wasn’t able to catch him. But then again I didn’t expect such an easy capture. I mean the story must go on.

Meanwhile the whole world starts to know about the return of traitor Lee Rim and his followers and Lee Gon asks for the internet to be scoured and to remove all the posts. The Prime Minister is shocked and thinks about how her mother mentioned seeing Lee Rim although she doesn’t count in the factor that he didn’t age. Meanwhile Prince Bu Yeong’s security level has been increased and is taken to the palace. He is shocked to learn that Lee Rim has in fact, returned.

Meanwhile Lee Rim has met up with his henchmen. He has this uncanny confidence from the fact that everyone would be looking for a 70 year old man and not him in this stage. He is right, though. Sigh.

Meanwhile back in the Republic , Young is tailing Shin Jae’s mother only to find that her twin works at the palace. I’m guessing Lee Rim keeps her under control as he has her son under his control. I’m just linking the points here guys.

Back in the kingdom a press meeting is given stating that the followers of Lee Rim are back and that they will be captured and punished according to the law.

Meanwhile Shin Jae and Tae Ul question the girl who is in jail about her 2G phone and they get some leads. Shin Jae notices that the car who took photographs of him is outside the jail too and finds it suspicious. He finds that the car is registered under a missing person.

Shin Jae finally comes clean to Tae Ul about really being from the kingdom but having no idea how he ended up like that. She comforts him but is in shock as well.

Prince Buyeong walks into his study only to find a blood-covered Lee Rim in his chair. The two confront each other and Lee Rim strangles him to death, as another warning to the king. Noooooo! Things are getting real you guys!

After the murder Lee Rim walks in front of the boy with the Yo-yo who sees his scars on his face but is unfazed. He says he is not scared because he is more curious than he is scared. The two then talk about the story of King Arthur and how the righteous person must pick up the sword and the power for all to be good. The boy asks why he is covered in blood and he says that he has only started. The boy then resumes his reading. What an odd boy.

The funeral finishes and Lee Gon is beyond sad and misses Tae Ul. Meanwhile she is at he home thinking about him and watering the seeds which is when she spots him. He gives her some flowers and says he must go back now and the two kiss. But we then see that it’s just Tae Ul holding some flowers crying. Wait, so did he come or not come?

Takeaways from the episode

Well this episode was a huge start to the war between Lee Gon and Lee Rim although Lee Rim sure has the upper hand. And I’m pretty sure he has a lot more tricks up his sleeve that will come as surprises for us? I guess we should wait and see. Regarding Tae Ul like I mentioned about the Prime Minister in this recap, her tough, bold and strong personality is now being reduced to a sad and longing girlfriend? Sure she is still investigating but I hope the point of her character doesn’t reduce to a mere love interest. I would say that for So Ryeong too but I’m still speculating there because it’s not love she is after, but power. Maybe it’s because of that but I still stand with the point I mentioned in the takeaway of the previous episode. Somewhere or the other, I am just not feeling the chemistry between the two characters! What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!

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