Watch With Me – The King : Eternal Monarch – Ep 11 recap

Things are getting into REAL action now guys. Lee Rim has laid the first lair of attack and has killed the lovely Prince Bu Yeong – which he intends to be a call of war with Lee Gon. As we all know, Lee Rim really has an upper hand after having spent this many years in preparation and in collecting all the cronies required for his plan. Will Lee Gon be able to overcome those plans? Let’s find out.

Now, if you wanna read recaps of other episodes you can do so by clicking the link here! Now let’s get straight into the episode!

The story starts with Luna being chased by Lee Rim’s people. Unfortunately for us, Lee Rim found Luna way faster than Lee Gon did, or maybe his concentration was elsewhere what with the funeral. Once captured, Lee Rim taunts her about how she has never had a family or a proper life, and is now bound to die without an organ transplant. Hearing the word “organ transplant” makes it clear what he is going to bargain her with. He shows her Tae Ul’s ID card (the one stolen from the palace) and like to all his victims explains how he can provide their dream life if only he comes to his side, which of course Luna agrees to.

Meanwhile amidst the funeral proceedings Seo Ryeong finds picture evidence from her ex-husband’s secretary about the young Lee Rim. She figures that what her mother was trying to tell her might have been true after all, that she had seen someone who had the spitting image of Lee Rim.

Meanwhile the girl in jail tells the people where she hid her 2G phone and the next scene shows that she is killed as the CCTV cameras shut off one by one. I would like to know how they managed to garner this much power and influence in Tae Ul’s world, considering he had nothing to start with.

Meanwhile Shin Jae and Tae Ul decide to start investigating and finding Lee Gon’s twin mother in order to get more leads to Lee Rim.

Next we see a scene with Luna and that wierd kid with the Yo-yo. She hands over all her wordly possessions to him and asks him to take care of himself. He asks her whether she is going to commit a crime, to which she asks whether he believes in God. He says he does and she shrugs and says that she might be punished. As she leaves she advises him to tie his yo-yo with a more firm thread than the flimsy read thread he is using and leaves. Okay I do not know exactly what is but these red threads have some sort of mythological tale behind it right? Something related with fate? If anyone has any inkling as to what it means please tell me in the comments! I can’t figure it out no matter how much I try to recollect!

Meanwhile Prince Bu Yeong’s son speaks quite arrogantly to Lee Gon about being next in line, and managing funds but he is ordered to be monitored and kicked out once the funeral proceedings are over. Why though? Do these two have a history? Or was it just because he talked so pompously?

As Gon finds out the reason for Prince Bu Yeong’s death, time stops again which means Lee Rim is going back to Tae Ul’s world. He rushes to go as well but finds that Prime Minister Seo Ryeong has released those images and caused a ruckus in all the media about Lee Rim and worst of all – she cannot be contacted.

Lee Rim’s goons catch up to Shin Jae and he gets a 2G phone as well. For what though? I’m guessing this will give more clues on what Shin Jae is doing in this story too.

Meanwhile Lee Gon studies Prince Bu Yeong’s guards security logs and finds a book store location in Busan he finds suspicious. He then interrogates the two prisoners in his dungeon from which he doesn’t get any answers. The first prisoner they caught from the other world is filled with overconfidence that Gon can’t do anything to him. But that just leads to Lee Gon stating that whatever information he knows is information that Lee Rim is giving to him,which won’t be useful. He orders for their beheading which is announced on the news as well, much to the shock of the people. He finally feels more like a king – not that he had to behead people to be one, but what I meant is you can feel the authority in his voice.

Tae Ul meanwhile finds twin Seo Ryeong on the street and goes through her ID card. She seems innocent and free from any influences of Lee Rim, so far.

Luna meanwhile is slowly cutting her long hair which was under a wig to look like Tae Ul. It also looks like Luna is already in Tae Ul’s world – spying on the happy Tae Ul and her father grocery shopping.

Back at the Taekwondo centre, Tae Ul exercises but then collapses and falls unconscious as she reaches out to her phone.

Twin Seo Ryeong has now transformed into a very similar appearance of PM Seo Ryeong and goes to Na Ri’s cafe,only to meet Yeong . Both of look like they recognise each other. This is not good, people.

Gon is stuck deep in his calculations and realises that as each time travel happens, the amount of time that stays frozen increases. Then he says a lot of Math and eventually comes to the conclusion that it will keep increasing and at one point – both the world’s will freeze completely. So I guess we have now found the side effect of the super natural element of our story!

Lee Gon meanwhile finds the book store a f stakes an attack killing the owner as well, only to find to his dismay that it’s the twin that died. I’m kind of glad he catches up to that fast at least. It would have been sad to see him realise he killed a useless twin like two episodes later.

Tae Ul is bound up but notices that one of the captors have car keys so she can escape. Suddenly the Yo-yo boy appears, gives her a knife from Luna’s jacket, and unties her and she escapes on a car. The boy disappears just like that after stating that he is only one, and that he is trying to fix everything. Who is this kid? Is he the God of Time or something.

As Tae Ul escapes her car eventually runs out of fuel. She reaches a phone booth and dials a number to wish the king a happy new year and cries for her to be saved. As she stays at that point a huge lorry crashes into her, the driver checks if she is dead but she pins him down and takes his gun only to realise a literal army of men are coming at her. Lee Rim had ordered her to brought alive or dead because Lee Gon would even for her cropse. As she cries out of helplessness, Lee Gon, an entire SWAT team and many soldiers on horseback with horses come and save the day. As Lee Gon rides in he screams “Protect her, she is the future Queen. ” Damn give the script writer a raise!

Takeaways from the episode

So much. But let’s get to the points. Luna and Tae Ul have swapped world’s . What is to come out of that especially when Shin jae meeta Luna I am waiting to see. Also has Lee Rim already caught up to Seo Ryeong’s twin? I guess we will find out. I would to know how Lee Gon found out where Tae Ul was too! Now let’s go on to the biggest question – that yoyo kid – who is he? He’s supernatural not someone ordinary I’m sure of it! What do you guys think? Let me know your theories in the comments!

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