Watch With Me – The King : Eternal Monarch – Ep 12 – recap

Lee Rim has started a full on war call with Lee Gon, and already going as far as kidnapping Tae Ul into the other world. A mysterious kid who is very secretive, saves Tae Ul and she is proclaimed as the future Queen of the kingdom by Lee Gon. So much is going on now with different characters meeting up with different situations. To know what’s up, let’s watch and find out!

To read the rest of the episode recaps you can click the link here. The episodes are available for streaming on Netflix. Now onto the recap!

The setting starts at the hospital where Eun Seob is being treated. He bumps into a person who has a 2G phone, and they exchange apologies.

At the same time we see another scene where Lee Gon’s mother’s twin has attempted suicide by slitting her wrists but is being held by a man from creating more harm. A doctor arrives and put the lady to sleep by injecting some sort of tranquilizer. As the men watch in the CCTV, they mention how they have a new manager. The scene pans from the doctor to the lady with the handicapped son that Lee Rim had approached in the initial episodes. Oh so that’s why he was with that character.

Nari meets Yeong and mentions how she felt a deja vu of meeting Yeong in a hospital gown but that she has much shorter hair. Yeong is curious as to why he is in a hospital. At the same time we can see a scene played out in the hospital in the Kingdom where Eun Sup meets Na Ri’s twin and acts like he would to Na Ri initially but then walks off. The scene then flits back to Yeong’s and Seo Ryeong (or her twin) meetup at the cafe, as they stare at each other like they both know each other. Huh. What is happening.

Meanwhile the scene sets with Gon trying desperately to find Tae Ul/Luna (I’m not sure at this point), via big data analysis from all the CCTV and other footages available.

Feeling some sort of suspicion, Yeong follows Seo Ryeong or her twin, and he calls Shin Jae to meet him at a point. Yeong blocks her car and she climbs out and starts screaming at her,but Yeong continues to talk to her like how he would to Seo Ryeong as the Prime Minister. Just at that moment he gets shot (whut.) and she leaves almost as if she is hiding. Shin Jae arrives and clears the scene saying it’s just a drill.

Back at the kingdom, head court Lady has found out who the traitor is. It’s Shin Jae’s mom (or her twin) who was the culprit under a false identity. As Head Court Lady confronts her she suddenly spits out some blood and faints after consuming some poison and is admitted to the medical unit at the palace.

Then we come back to the ending scenes of the previous episode where Gon announces her as the future Queen and must be protected. She falls unconscious and is brought back to his chambers for care. Thankfully it’s just some bruises and dehydration. As she wakes up in between the two have a fun and casual conversation before she dozes off again.

Meanwhile we see that the members of some political organization or maybe the assemblymen for all we know, have gathered around and are discussing about the Queen and how they should find every detail about her. Uh-oh. They also mention how Seo Ryeong must be disappointed that her efforts over the years have gone to waste.

Meanwhile Luna has Tae Ul’s phone and Shin Jae finds out she took a 21-day vacation. He gets no replies when trying to contact her.

Tae Ul wakes up and is asked to go to the kitchen. Much to her surprise and embarassment, Lee Gon is in his full military uniform – washing rice. The two had a cutesy coversation a few episodes back about Tae Ul doubting whether Lee Gon had washed rice and cookes rice and steak for Seo Ryeong in his navy attire because that would look pretty awesome to her. I guess he is doing his best to cheer her up and I guess it’s working too! How adorable! Tae Ul and Gon then have a meal together and she asks how he recognised her to be the real Tae Ul. And he goes on about how he knows how she ties a ponytail (which he saw in a CCTV) which are unique to her. He continues to mention more details trying to create a romantic mood when she says she wants to see Eun Sup and then asks where her clothes are.

As she chooses a dress she notices a Gon’s dress uniform where she saw (or hallucinated) Lee Gon coming with a bunch of flowers to say goodbye. She asks what he uses it for and he mentions something vague about special occassions. She then stops asking and the two leave to meet Eun Sup.

While investigating Tae Ul’s kidnapping, Lee Gon mentions about the parts of the whole that Lee Rim has in his umbrella and he has in his horse whip. He says he will get it whole from him.

Tae Ul and Lee Gon then stand to take a picture on front of the church that his parents got married in. He realizes that time froze again and out of the fear, and all the overwhelming emotions he breaks into tears but wipes it away and poses just in time for a picture.

That night we see thay amidst the lightning Lee Gon grips himself in pain but is calm once he realises Tae Ul is okay. However, it looks like several of the other people who crossed world’s are suffering from the same. Note Shin Jae, Tae Ul, Eun Sup seem to be fine though.

Lee Rim bumps into Shin Jae accidentally and then goes into his room to see Luna stealing money. LOL. That night he eats dinner with the lady who tries to kill him but to no avail. He angrily tells her that he has kept her alive all these years as she is the perfect bait. Is she though? Lee Gon already metioned in an earlier episode of how he doesn’t feel that much attachment as it’s not his real mother, but a twin in the other world.

Lee Gon is later informed that one of the prisoners complain of pain when there is lightning and he understands that it’s not just for him but others that experience that in-between-world of lightning and thunder. Meanwhile the pregnant friend meets up with Seo Ryeong in a restuarant and she mentions about how the Queen has been announced. Seo Ryung checks on the phone to find the news. As the lady mentions about her unborn son, Seo Ryeong corrects her and tells it’s a daughter and as she leaves she wishes a good delivery and that she hopes she would deliver the baby in the Kingdom. This keeps the lady wondering what she is talking about.

Lee Gon is informed of an unannounced visit from Seo Ryeong and meets her and asks about the rumors she let out on the papers about Lee Rim. She doesn’t answer tat and asks about the announcement of the Queen and he confirms that yes, he has found a woman he loves a person who he will support in her every stride. Seo Ryeong doesn’t look too happy hearing that which is when a sudden clap of thunder and lightning comes, Lee Gon braces the pain but sees the same scars and pain on Seo Ryeong’s neck. Aaaahhhhhh! I knew it!

At the same time Tae Ul and head court lady have a conversation about Lee Gon and how she has been tough on Tae Ul. She then starts talking about her name, her family and the time she left her home and came here. She then asks Tae Ul suddenly – there was a war in 1950. Can you tell me what happened to that? Tae Ul looks at her in shock. Wait. What? Is she talking about a piece of history from Tae Ul’s world? OMG! Just how many people have travelled through that gateway?

Takeaways from the episode

Finally we are getting into steam with the series! But I have so much doubt. So all this time – Seo Ryeong was not the real one? Or was it just recently when she had disappeared? But if she had come recently how come she it has the scars and not Tae Ul who might have been traveling more than her? And what’s with the head court lady? I did not expect that! There are some characters out of which we don’t expect anything and she was one of those but OMG! I can’t wait to find out what’s next!

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