Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 32 – recap

Our flashback is twisting and turning into some unfortunate events now that Jin Zi Xuan is dead and the Wen siblings have decided to sacrifice themselves for the death of Zi Xuan to the Jin clan. Things are definitely going downhill for Wei Wuxian, but it seems like there is another villian hidden in the story?

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Wei Wuxian struggles against the needles that Wen Ning has put on his and by the time he finally gets back his control he rushes to the home of the Jin clan. He hides and sees to his horror, Yanli and her baby mourning for the now, dead Jin Zi Xuan. He is spotted and tries to sneak away only to find out that the Wen siblings and all the remaining Wen clan members he protected have been killed. He is angered and goes on a rampage and kills all the other people there.

Eventually Wei Wuxian gatecrashes ona huge meet-up of the clans, and questions clan leader Jin for his actions. It turns into a heated debate and eventually an arrow is shot at Wei Wuxian from which he heals quickly. He unleashes his powers and fights against all the clans except the Jjang clan.

Lan Wangji appears to stop Wei Wuxian to no avail and the two start fighting. The whole area becomes a battlefield, and Wei Wuxian only pauses when he finds out that Yanli is on the grounds looking for him. Why is she walking around this dangerous area like this?

As he looks around for Yanli that ominous flute sound comes again and one of the shadows lead to Yanli being injured.

As Jjang Cheng and Wei Wuxian make it to her aid, a sudden attack at Wei Wuxian is blocked by Yanli leading to her death. We see a few moments of shock and then Wei Wuxian strangles and kills the disciple responsible for her death.

Takeaways from the episode

I guess we now know the painful story about how the present heir to the Jin clan is an orphan and why Wei Wuxian feels so much bad to him, and why Jjang Cheng despises him so much. He must truly be blaming Wei Wuxian for Yanli’s death. And I guess this kind of seals the fact for everyone there that Wei Wuxian is evil – the evil Yiling Patriarch.

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