Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 35 – recap

We are at the start of another mystery which could potentially solve the entire story! I don’t have a lot of intro to say so leys get straight into the episode!

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Our duo now meets up and Lan Wangji expresses concern on the harm that it could do to Wei Wuxian now that he has absorbed the dark magic curse from Jin Lings body. Wei Wuxian dismisses it as if it’s nothing but we could see it does affect him. Lan driver Wangji them gives him a piggy back ride, back. Well these two – awwww.

As the two walk back Wei Wuxian asks how Lan Wangji recognised him in this new identity and he replies back vaguely – something about Wei Wuxian telling him something.

Now back at the inn they see that Nie Huei Sang has visited them. From a flashback where they found Jin Ling they find a torn piece of fabric which is suspiciously the same as Nie Huei Sang’s. The duo then questions him, with Wei Wuxian pretending to be Mo Xuan Yu, and they finally find out it was indeed him. He mentions that the site where they found him is an ancient burial ground for his clan which is why he was there. The duo then suspect that the dark energy that is emanating would be related to the clan leader Red Blade Masters death and decide to investigate more.

Now investigating in the Mo village they find that the powerful cultivator duo that they met long back – Song Lan and Xiao Xeng Chen have been missing for a few years as well.

As the duo waits in a village inn and talks about Xue Yang and others and how disappointing it is, that they are missing, Lan Wangji comments on how unpredictable life is sometimes. He then takes a glass of alcohol and finishes it – much to Wei Wuxian’s surprise. Because as we all know the disciples of the Lan clan don’t consume alcohol. I am liking this facet of Lan Wangji where he has just decided to be himself and do things on his own terms because the rules of all the clans have no point anyway with all the bad stuff going on.

Takeaways from the episode

Our investigation has now come back to the Red Blade Master and his death. What was mentioned as a minor detail earlier may end up becoming the crux of the story. Now that they are bringing the Red Blade Master back into the story I suspect Meng Yao has a bad hand at all these plans too considering his history with the Red Blade master. Also it looks like the missing cultivators mentioned in this episode have also linked to the story as well. Let’s watch and find out!

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