June 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Time is flying and lockdown in the country means we are stuck at home and are fast running out of things to do. However, I always get a breather when I get to do my monthly bullet journal setup!

Now as I’ve mentioned before these are recreations of setups that others have done on the internet and not my original creativity. I’m not as adept with colors and drawing as I am with my words which is why I have named this category on my blog as “Bullet Journal Recreations/Adaptations”

This months adaptation is from a 2017 setup from Amanda Rach Lee! I loved the setup and was a little tense coz there are a lot of parallel lines which I don’t keep that well even when there are dots to guide! Anyways here is the setup I did.

Amanda’s setup used black outlining and shades and splashes of grey. I always take 4 colors as my accent colors of a month as it helps me fill my mood tracker as well which you can see below. This time it’s different tones of grey. To some the colors might seem dull but there is a beauty worth appreciating in that too.

This is my attempt at Amanda’s cover page. I couldn’t fit the entire city skyline that she did but I managed to draw some in to the best of my abilities. As you can see some lines are really wonky I just don’t seem to have steady hand!

The quote I chose this month was from the song Mikrokosmos by BTS. As I was drawing the cover page this song immediately struck me because I remembered this particular lyric! I think it fits the mood aptly. There is a vibrancy of color amongst the greys too you know.

I tried to be creative with the monthly setup. It’s a calendar layout but this time each square is a little curtained window in a home! LOL!

The mood tracker was also a building this time with a billboard on top with the legends by which I will be following this mood tracker.

And finally I continued the building theme with my weekly layouts as well. These wonky and cute buildings were done over 5 weeks with each week having each accent color and the final week having a culmination of both! The wonky buildings in my weekly tracker somehow reminded me of the home that the cartoon character Oswald lives in!

And that’s the setup for this month! What do you think? Let me know in the comments on your opinions, ideas and your setups!

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