The 5 Year Journal : May 2020

Hello everyone! We are at month #6 of 2020!Just like how we mention every year, time is just flying by! This year has been monumental for the entire world with unprecedented circumstances and situations. Many are struggling amongst these problems and right now what we can do is try our best to self quarantine and maintain social distancing. Staying at home can take its toll on us too. I mean there’s just so little we can do? That’s not true though. There are a lot more things we can do and one interesting thing is journalling.

Now you may be the type who don’t want to spend writing essays in a diary everyday or don’t want to mentions something as “high maintenance” as a bullet journal. In that situation a 5 year journal is a perfect and interesting project.

Basically you will be answering a set of 365 questions every day for 5 years. The questions can be as simple as what did you eat today – to more life changing questions such as where do you live now. I have been posting my 5 year journal updates and the questions that have impacted me the most under the category “Bullet Journal” in my blog!

The questions for the month of May were from this Pin. I have attached the image below as well.

First off question number 1 – that’s really important. Sometimes certain moments of kindness can turn out to be impactful but like how we naturally focus a lot on what worries or saddens us more it’s a kind of expected thing for us to forget those moments of kindness. This questions over the 5 years would definitely be a good reminder.

Under normal circumstances question 2 may not seem that impactful but now that we are self isolating ourselves it hits a lot that question.

Question 6 – now that I don’t go out at all I can’t even remember my shoes! 😢

And finally question 20 – the prevailing truth. Most of the questions this month seem more simplified but I guess this is our heavyweight question!

What do you think of this months 5 year journal? Do you maintain one as well? What question was special to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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