The Playlist – May 2020

Hello and I am back with another playlist! I was stuck at home under compulsary quarantine during the time this playlist was formed and therefore this one is heavy on K-Pop. I’m not going to call K-Pop a genre because it’s not. It’s rather a culmination of the music, performance, fashion and so much more. I would mostly call it an industry than a genre as the use of the title genre is a wrong expression. I am specifying that because that shouldn’t deter you from listening to it. K-pop has a wide range of genres – from pop, rock, R&B, soul, neo-soul, EDM, Rock – you name it. And to those who mention about the language barrier – do we really need a language to appreciate the beauty and flow of music? So lets get straight into the playlist!

Please find the links for the playlist for Spotify and YouTube here. The YouTube playlist has all the songs as there were two songs that were not available on Spotify – just a heads up!

Hero by MONSTA X

This song is not a new find let me tell you that. It’s been in my playlist ever since I started venturing into K-Pop. A true classic – this one’s sure to make your head bop. The performance video clips are also really good and are available on YouTube!

September by Earth, Wind & Fire

For me, this song comes under the category – I’ve heard it before but don’t know its name. I happened to hear this song while I was enjoying a hot chocolate at Starbucks. Thanks to technology I Shazamed the song and here it is! It’s chill vibe is a really good song to listen to as you go about your day! And this song is eternal – it doesn’t age.

Epiphany a cover by The Piano Guys

Epiphany is a beautiful song from BTS performed by vocalist,Jin. It’s a beautiful song of realisation that self love is what’s most important out of all the love out there (Something that resounds a lot nowadays too). The Piano Guys have made this very popular instrumental cover which is very beautiful – you don’t need words to feel the emotions here!

Growing Pains by Super Junior D&E

Super Junior D &E is a sub division of the popular group Super Junior. The parent group has a lot of hits of their own – but this one is as good as the main hits!

Friends by BTS

Fresh off of their latest hit album, this song is performed by a sub-unit within BTS – vocalists Jimin and V. This song was quite apt for the duo what with them being two members who were born in the same year and have a special bond together as they learn and grew up together ever since being trainees for BTS from their teens. This fun and energetic track about their friendship will make us feel all happy and fuzzy too!

Want by Taemin

This song by Taemin is from his second mini album. His first mini album and it’s titular track – Move captured the hearts of fans and non-fans alike with the sick beat and interesting and unique dance performance. Taemin exceeds those levels with this sexy track – Want. I’ve never stopped listening to it after it was released.

Don’t Wanna Cry by SEVENTEEN

Seventeen is a 13-member boy group that is very well know for their interesting music and flawless execution of choreography. This song is one of their earlier ones, but it’s bound to be loved a lot!

Who Are You by Sam Kim

Lee Min Ho who is a famous South Korean actor has had a comeback after his military enlistment and is now starring in the drama – “The King : The Eternal Monarch”. As I was going through that I realised that the story for this series was done by the same person who did for the hit series – Goblin. One thing about Goblin is that their OST is amazing – literally every single song. And this one – was the most played this month!

Inner Child by BTS

Another song from their album – Map of the soul : 7, this song is a solo song by member V- where he sings about his growth from a young boy to the man he is today. A beautiful song, beautiful lyrics and a really good choice for a song to listen to when you drive.

Daechwita by Agust D

Agust D is none other than the stage name that BTS member Suga goes by for his solo works – like his mixtapes. We have a fresh mixtape release from Agust D with the titular track Daechwita. The term basically refers to a marching song that is played when royalty is announced or the military etc. The sounds from that piece were sampled to form one of the parts of this hard-hitting and powerful single. The songs on his mixtape are all really good and have interesting features as well!

Agust D by Agust D

With the release of Agust D’s second mixtape it was natural I go back to the first mixtape and loop the lead single again – the fiery rap that would make you go breathless – The song announcing Agust D.

Bad Liar by Selena Gomez

And we are at this months last favorite which is from Selena Gomez! The drop of this song had me addicted to it and I HAD to add it!

So that’s the playlist for this month! What do you think? Are there any tracks you have been listening to? Or any new finds you got from this one? Let me know in the comments below!

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