Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 36 – recap

The mystery behind the story seems to be connected to the Red Blade master which means we are inching closer to finding out who the real villian is !

To read the recaps on the other episodes click here! Now onto the recap!

After putting a drunk Lan Wangji to sleep, Wei Wuxian meets up with Wen Ning and while talking to him realise that there are two nail like things embedded on the back of his head which is causing him to act out of control. Wei Wuxian frees Wen Ning from the nails and starts to inquire about what has been going on when a drunk Lan Wangji wanders out. Wen Ning hides and Wei Wuxian struggles to keep Lan Wangji under control as he goes and carves on a strangers home that “Lan Wangji was here”. After dragging him away, Wei Wuxian added “Wei Wuxian was here” as well. These two are so cute!

On returning to the inn the duo is attacked by a mystery masked man who escapes narrowly from them. Then Wei Wuxian asks the drunk Lan Wangji several questions yo which he usually doesn’t get a response. To Wei Wuxian’s surprise he finds out that Lan Wangji has been looking for him for the past sixteen years. My heart is swelling with emotions.

The next day the duo arrives at Yi city where they find the young disciples including Jin Ling and Lan Si Zhui on a hunt. A masked stranger attacks them again, and Lan Wangji battles him while Wei Wuxian helps the disciples who have been affected by the poisonous gas in the city.

Takeaways from the episode

We haven’t made a lot of progress on the story. However what do you guys think? Is the masked attacker the real villian or a mere apprentice of sorts? Let’s go to the next episode and find out!

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