Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 37 – recap

Our duo and the young disciples are in a strange town filled with hazardous gas and being attacked by a masked stranger. What will befall them?

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While Lan Wangji fights the masked stranger, Wei Wuxian looks in their hideout for some ingredients. He finds some things and makes a rather too-spicy rice gruel which cures the disciples of the poisoning.

The town that they are in is creepy as hell and when Wei Wuxian looks out he sees a blind and bleeding girl walking around. Mini jump scare there by the way. Wei Wuxian then sees a person and realises it is Xiao Xing Chen and brings him inside to where he and the disciples are hiding.

Song Lan then appears out of nowhere and starts fighting Wei Wuxian. Now if you are lost at this point, these characters are the revered cultivators that had a role to play in capturing the evil Xue Yang who was the one who knew the location of the final shard of the Yin iron when Wen Ruohan was in power.

However Wei Wuxian uncovers that the person with them is none other than Xue Yang disguised as Xiao Xing Chen. Whut.

Meanwhile it turns out to be a totally messy fight. Wen Ning and Song Lan battle it out while Lan Wangji arrives at Wei Wuxian’s aid to fight against Xue Yang.

As Wei Wuxian leads the disciples to safety as Lan Wangji fights Xue Yang they meet the blind and mute girl who was bleeding earlier. Trusting his instincts he follows the girl to open a casket to reveal the body of Xiao Xing Chen. The famed cultivator is dead? Whut.

Takeaways from the episode

I thought we were going to go more into the Red Blade master but looks like we have the legendary cultivators and Xue Yang back in the story after a long long time. But why though? Let’s watch and find out!

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