Watch With Me – The King : Eternal Monarch – Ep 13 recap

Episode 12 ended with a plot twist – looks like the Prime Minister is also on Lee Rim’s side and since she has the scars – she probably was involved in the killing of her counterpart as well. What really happened? Let’s find out.

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It looks like Head Court Lady is indeed from the Republic! She was brought to the Kingdom by Lee Gon’s grandfather – assuring her of safety after she had lost all her family in the war. Meanwhile once Lee Gon sees the scars on Seo Ryeong’s neck she immediately leaves and Lee Gon orders an autopsy details of the deceased spy of Lee Rim’s. Meanwhile Soo Ryeong sees Tae Ul on the way out and the two have a conversation. Soo Ryeong is quite nasty mentioning about the proposal, whereas Tae Ul stands firm on her belief that she was there in the Republic and wants to know what she did after buying shoes.

Thunder booms and Tae Ul sees the scars as well. She and Lee Gon decide to push Soo Ryeong a little more so that she makes a false move now that they are sure she is on Lee Rim’s side. Meanwhile the autopsy results show the burn marks clearly and the doctor reminisces about the strange pattern she saw in three such bodies with the same scars – they all died in the same manner.

As Lee Gon investigates more into the scars he realises one point – only those whose other twins have been killed, experience these scars. This explains why Tae Ul, Eun Sup and all don’t have the scars and I guess we can be pretty sure that Soo Ryeong has killed her other half, or planned it with Lee Rim. I guess she might turn out to be a worse villian than Lee Rim ever was.

Meanwhile Luna is now in Tae Ul’s home and is trying to adjust into Tae Ul’s life. Although I have to say she seriously looks out of place there.

Lee Gon meanwhile realises after meeting the spy that poisoned herself that Shin Jae has something crucial to do in this story as well.

Meanwhile Lee Gon’s mom twin and Shin Jae’s mother meet up and looks like they are old acquauntanes – Lee Gon’s mother used to eb a housekeeper at Shin Jae’s old home before they went broke. As the two eat lunch and Shin Jae’s mother shows proudly of her son who became a police officer – she recognises Shin Jae who was at little Lee Gon’s twins grave and leaves abruptly.

Meanwhile Tae Ul informs Gon that she may have found Lee Gon’s bamboo forest but that won’t be of much use since time stops for nearly an hour now and Lee Rim could get past any guards that are put there!

Also Gon puts up his idea – that it is possible to travel through time through the in-between-world. The only question is – how?

Meanwhile now that she is back in the real world she realises that Luna had meanwhile taken her place.

Lee Gon receives some information from Soo Ryeong’s ex-husband of her dicussions about Lee Rim and his followers and he releases the evidence to the public. This results in Soo Ryeong being suspended temporarily from her position. About time.

Tae Ul introduces Gon to her father as her boyfriend in a rather unexpected breakfast together. Considering the serious timeline the entire story is going through, little scenes like this are a breath of fresh air.

Meanwhile Tae Ul gifts Gon an outfit – something that she says won’t make him stand out. It turns out to be the same costume that the person who saved Lee Gon when he was young was wearing. At this point, and I guess we have known all along that Lee Gon was his saviour and not Tae Ul because of the ID card. But I bet it would have been really cool if it had been Tae Ul? What do you guys think?

Tae Ul and Shin Jae are at the care facility trying to look for the missing Eun Ah – the twin of Soo Ryeong. Sure enough, her body is in the morgue, and Shin Jae notices a room and goes inside out of curiosity.

At the same time Eun Ah’s body is found in the morgue, Luna visits Gon and they talk about things – from the meaning of the flower. Gon then mentions how he thought he could never be fooled and grabs Tae Ul’s stolen ID card from Luna. He sees himself in the attire and the ID card and realizes that he was his saviour. At the same time, we see that Lee Rim comes to this realisation as he states at Lee Gon’s picture over the museum in The Kingdom. Suddenly Lee Gon loses vision and collapses. He’s been poisoned. Uh oh.

Takeaways from the episode

I think all the people, including me who complained about the pace and layout of the story in the initial episodes can get a little more satisfaction with how this is turning out because we are finally at the crux of the story. Some things still need to be cleared though – what is the role of the pregnant woman that Lee Rim has switched. Why did Lee Rim visit Na Ri and most importantly now that both of them realise there’s a time travelling element, how does that happen? Let’s watch and find out.

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