Watch With Me – The King : Eternal Monarch – Ep 14 – recap

What an eventful episode 13. We realize something that perhaps we have known all along from the beginning which is that Lee Gon is his own saviour. Unfortunately Lee Rim has also realised the same thing. How this works – we are yet to find out – could most probably be the climax of this series for all we know. How is this series going to wrap up? Let’s watch and read and find out!

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The episode starts from where we left off with Shin Jae. He walks into the hospital rooms and opens up the curtains. We then see from his POV how some things looke familiar to him when he woke up from his coma with his mother shouting in relief. I know where this is going. As the camera zooms into the patient in the bed – we see that it’s his twin. Must be a huge shocker for him. Tae ul also informs him that she has found ten body of Eun Ah as well.

As Gon lies paralysed on the floor, Luna starts searching his jackets. He then tells her that if it’s the whip she is after she is not going to get it. Young enters and as he rushes to the collapsed Gon’s side, Luna makes her escape. Tae Ul is informed and she quickly arranges for a doctor to save him in secrecy as he doesn’t have a resident ID.

Meanwhile Tae Ul tasks Eun Sup with the task of tailing Luna and Lee Rim wonders how he was able to travel across time.

Once Gon is healed, he and Lee Rim enter the gateway at the same time. At that time the mysterious boy tells a story of how the flute when both pieces are together can take them back to the time where they desire to go. He is telling to this story to Gon’s mother’s twin and she asks where the traitor and the king travelled to. And the kid replies – to the night of the coup. Oohhhh chills but what’s with this kid anyways? I’d better get a good explanation for this!

The first scene we see if with Lee Rim. We see that he has travelled back to his younger self preparing to implement the coup. The younger one asks him who he is and he replies he is from the year 2020. Naturally he doesn’t believe it, but after seeing the flute in the older Rim’s hands he believes it. Older Rim tells Younger Rim that in order to succeed the coup and get the flute as a whole he must kill the younger prince first. Young Rim snorts at this suggestion and then suddenly wields older Rim’s sword and kills him. What. Just. Happened.

Younger Rim takes the flute half but it turns to powder. Frustrated , he stabs the dead Rim several times with blood all over him and walks over to retrieve the flute by implementing the coup. Notice the face splatters are just like what we saw in the first episode. Nothing was altered. History is repeating itself. The weird kid says the same thing too as he continues the story about the rebel and the king. The kid also reminisces one more thing – that the king is going to his destiny – but how he will escape with just half a flute that doesn’t have much power – we need to see.

Then the same scenes from the first episode plays out as Lee Gon saves his younger self and he gets Tae Ul’s ID card. As he leaves he meets up with a younger Court Lady. He asks her to let him pass as he is following his destiny like he had asked her to. He then follows the trail of blood left by Lee Rim and see a boy locking the palace doors. It’s his uncle’s son – the one who he kicked out. Realising that it’s because of him that Lee Rim escaped he shoots on his leg and chases after Lee Rim.

In the next scene we see Shin Jae talking to his father in jail. He asks him if he has ever sold a nursing and why he was swapped with his twin. His father mentions that when he was young he was said to never wake up again which was killing his mother too. Then Lee Rim comes up and shows this healthy twin of his in exchange for selling the nursing facility and offering a new chance in a new world. Shin Jae leaves angry and frustrated.

Gon then runs back to the gate but realises that he is the year 1994. He travels back and forth once again and realises that he is in December 1994 at the Republic. He realises that the time travel can happen only when the flute is whole, and realises he would have to jump back a time period of 4 months in the in-between-world to reach back to his time. In short, he is trapped.

He then remembers how Tae Ul told him how his younger self and his family was killed in the Republic and calls the police to inform them to save them but finds out he is too late. Disappointed he walks to the field where he spent time with Tae Ul and then to Tae Ul’s home where she is five year old kid who had just lost her mother. Gon helps her catch some flying laundry that had flown away and tells her he is from a different time. He then smiles and leaves. Awwww. Are these memories that really happened then or are these new memories?

Back in the present Tae Ul receives a call saying that they have a voice recording from 1994 that wasn’t there before which sounds exactly like Lee Gon reporting his crime. Tae aul is shocked and then suddenly her brain is flooded with the memory of meeting him when she was young. She realises he is stuck. So I guess it’s new memories.

Meanwhile Tae Ul and team find Gon’s twin mother’s home but finds that they have left.

Meanwhile the pregnant woman who was in a dingy apartment kills her guard and escapes only to be met by a woman. The woman says she knows that she is the grand daughter of a huge chaebol. The pregnant woman then asks her for help to go back to her real life. I still don’t get what the importance of this character is in Lee Rim’s plan

Meanwhile a bitter Soo Ryeong decides that she needs to have what all the members of the royal family have – the flute and takes the 2G phone. But isn’t the Lee Rim she knows dead? Also I have bad feeling that she is going to turn out into the real villian here.

As Tae Ul waits for Lee Gon she gets another memory – he visited her on election day in 2016, which means he has travelled time that far and he talks to her like he knows her so well. He mentions to her before he leaves that the next time he sees her she must be a little nicer to her. Awww.

We then see Gon travel back to the day of the rowing competition. He asks for the palace access card from Young and asks to not ask any questions. And he also says thay one day Lee Gon will take him to a place called the Republic and that he must find and tell him the truth about his mother’s twin. The jacket with the access card is them picked up by Luna just like in the initial episodes. As she puts her hand in the jacket she sees the access card.

Eun Sup follows Luna and gives a lead to Tae Ul but as the two confront each other, atae Ul is stabbed by Luna. As she bleeds, she gets the memory of meeting Gon at the intersection which was previously her first time. She thinks in the present to just hug Gon which in her memory she does.

Takeaways from the episode

Well,well ,well. So we learnt that the time travel is possible only when the flute is whole. Looks like the Lee Rim of the present is dead which was abrupt but I see a potential villian in Soo Ryeong. Also looks like new memories are being introduced into the lives of many – but my question is I understand how new memories are being fed into the brains of the characters but how come the situation in the future remains the same? Ideally a ripple in the past should affect the other times too. Although I think that hug that Tae Ul did despite the fact she has met him twice was a little too abrupt? Or maybe – are there more memories – more ripples that will change the future? I hope that scientific integrity is maintained in the story!


  1. This episode was boring and confusing. So many questions…where is the saviour LG of the past (when current one was a kid)..did both merge once he came back to present…
    What was the purpose of killing prime minister’s lookalike (as she herself is ready to be bad and is not required to go to republic world)..

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    • This episode and the 15th was also pretty confusing. I had to have an in depth conversation with my friend to understand it! And I think savior Gon and little Gon does merge. Merge as in – they are the same person there won’t be a reptition. A popular concept of parallel time dimensions is that while we live in this world it is possible that our younger or older selves exist at the same time in a parallel dimension in another world. I am assuming that’s what they are trying to do here. Also notice that Lee Rim’s story is an endless loop. In the first episode when he goes to kill Gon’s dad he has blood on his face. That’s the blood of his future self that he kills! But like you said there are gaps. Your question about the prime minister’s twin is very valid – I don’t understand the point of it at all . And what’s with that pregnant lady. I assume Lee Rim needed her to kill the heir in America, but there was a scene in which one lady agrees to help a stranded pregnant lady? Also – why exchange prime minister’s mom in episode 15? What’s this with giving her “hell”? There are so much complications and stuff happening! My doubts are endless!

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