Watch With Me – The King : Eternal Monarch – Ep 15 – recap

A LOT seems to be happening with the most latest episodes of this drama. The reviews are mixed. The complexity in the story, certain mix ups, need for certain character roles, continuous switching between the two dimensions are commonly mentioned reasons. I kind of agree with the complexity. It’s not just time travel but two different dimensions and it’s not just one character that’s flitting between them all. So it’s kind of hard to keep up with what year, what place each character is in. But despite that we are finishing up the run of this series as we just have one more episode to go to wrap this up!

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The episode starts with the scene we ended at in the last episode . The point where Tae Ul and Gon meet for the “first” time. Followed by that Shin Jae and Yeong have a conversation. Yeong tells him that if he follows Shin Jae’s mother after the two met at a hotel for lunch.

Meanwhile Shin Jae receives a call on the 2G phone and meets up with Lee Rim. He strikes a bargain with him asking Shin Jae to get the whip from Gon and kill him in the process. Lee Rim uses both his mom’s to threaten him to do it. As Rim leaves, we ser a scene where Shin Jae and his mother tried to kill themselves in Corea and ended up being helped by Lee Rim which is when his mother agreed to work for him. Actually in this scene Shin Jae seems like a big kid like nearly 8 or 9. How come he has these memories only now? If this happened to him when he was really young and he didn’t remember we could have accepted the fact that he remembered it now. What do you guys think?

Lee Rim visits Na Ri’s cafe and Eun Sup comes in and Lee Rim asks him to relay a message to Gon – that he will see Gon at his mother’s death anniversary function. Meanwhile Luna comes in pretending to be Tae Ul but is identified by Shin Jae and is caught by Tae Ul who just arrived from the hospital. They take her to an abandoned building and find out that she is dying from cancer.

Gon finally makes it to 2020 and goes straight to Tae Ul. We then find out that certain events did change – post meeting Gon at the intersection she happened to beleive he is the Emperor faster, she understood parallel theories faster, visited Corea earlier than she had before, and started loving him even before. Some things were the same – like how she bought and sowed the seeds. Doubt at this point, how does she know it’s changed? Ideally she shouldn’t be remembering the earlier very of events. It’s not that she has two memories but she should have had her existing memory modified right? I wish I could get answers!

In the next scene Gon and Yeong meet up with his mother’s twin. But both of them didn’t have any actual emotions between them as they both know they are not a real son or mother to either of them. As she leaves she requests him to not die and that she knows Lee Rim kept her alive to take her back on his real mom’s memorial day. Meanwhile Shin Jae tells Gon about the bargain that Lee Rim struck with him.

Meanwhile it’s that point in the drama – the time to say goodbyes. Yeong and Eun Sup say goodbye to each other. That was a tearjerker you guys. Tae Ul is sad at Gon leaving she says she knows his plan. To go back to the past and stop Lee Rim. But if he does that he is going to be erased from her memories as them meeting would never happen. She tearfully says goodbye and says he has to come back. No matter what. I’ve mentioned this before in earlier episodes but somehow I keep feeling I don’t feel a chemistry between the two as I should be feeling? What do you guys think?

Meanwhile Lee Rim and Soo Ryeong meets and she’s all about getting the flute for herself. But Lee Rim strangles her and asks her to make sure that he can attend the Queen’s death anniversary function.

Now that Gon is back in the palace he finds Prince Bu Yeong’s son and makes sure yo banish him in person as he now knows that he was an apprentice in the escape of Lee Rim all those years ago.

Meanwhile Shin Jae meets him other in Corea and lets her know that although she let him go for a better life, he never really had one. He then walks away from her.

Gon also confides his plan to Shin Jae. He is going to kill Lee Rim as he strangles his young self as that is the point when Lee Rim’s attention is elsewhere. Shin Jae points out that it could result in little Gon’s death and whether Tae Ul knows this. He says he knows the consequences and tells him that she must never know.

Meanwhile Gon’s mother’s twin poisons herself and as the antidote is being given, time is frozen. Lee Rim takes his gun and finds Gon and the two have a conversation. As time starts again and he aims his gun at Gon, he is shot from afar by Shin Jae and Yeong and caught. Gon holds Lee Rim’s piece of the flute while Yeong is elsewhere with Gon’s flute. But the door doesn’t open. The person whose blood splattered on the flute in episode 1 can only open the gate. Yeong them brings both and the door opens but this time ina red and fiery color. Lee Rim mentions that he has now opened the full power of the flute but Gon mentions that he can’t hear the flute like before – then he won’t be able to back again to the time of the coup. He realizes a situation like before needs to be created in order for this to work again.

Lee Rim is meanwhile caught at the police station as we saw in episode 1 and Gon decides to announce his cousin as the heir.

As Tae Ul waits at home she sees that the bouquet that Gon gave her a long time ago is disintegrating into nothing. She rushes out.

As Tae Ul interrogate Lee Rim to know the location of his half of the flute Lee Rim mentions he has two surprises – Gon hears the news that the heir apparent has been killed in a car crash with the involvement of the pregnant lady. Soo Ryeong calls her mother after hearing the news and asks what she ate for dinner, a code question between them. Her mother answers it wrong and she drops the phone and screams. I understand why he set up that for Lee Gon but why that surprise for Soo Ryeong? Also that’s why he wanted that pregnant lady? Like really? Couldn’t that have been done with ANYONE?

Tae Ul frees Luna and says she will be going somewhere and needs Luna to be with her daf. She also asks Luna a favor – to steal something from the police station. Meanwhile Tae Ul and Shin Jae meet and she says she knows that he has Lee Rim’s parts of the flute and that he is kept in the station until Gon is ready to create the time travel again. She says she needs the flute but Shin Jae denies that saying that he has loved her all along and can’t bear it. That bit of acting from Shin Jae was really good! She then tells him that just like how he feels for her, she feels for Gon and must go to him. Shin Jae looks helpless and agrees.

Gon gets ready in his dress uniform. The same one where he visited Tae Ul and vanished after kissing her. He says goodbye to Head Court Lady and goes to the bamboo forest. Yeong says that whether its the beginning or the end he wants to be with Gon. In a parallel scene Tae Ul wears the necklace that Gon gave her while Gon and Yeong ride upto the door together.

Takeaways from the episode

Now that he has worn the dress uniform I guess that explains why he suddenly disappeared after kissing her. He must have known he is about to disappear and wanted the last moment to be with Tae Ul? But didn’t she go in with him? What was the need for that at all? Of course I really hope they don’t kill Gon and something tells me that since Yeong is there with him it’s going to be okay and he might survive? We can all just wait for the final episode to air this Friday! What are your predictions? A good ending, sad or bitter sweet?

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