Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) : Ep 38 – recap

We are at the final run of episodes for the first ever watch with me series! There are two running on the blog – one for the Untamed and another for The King : Eternal Monarch, all of which will end by this week!

Coming to the untamed we are seeing the arrival of some old characters who had come and gone in the story but seem more vital than we thought they were! Our duo along with some junior cultivators are stuck in some ghost village with some poisonous gas and it looks like they are being attacked by an invisible enemy as well? What is going on? Let’s find out.

If you want to read the recaps on any of the other episodes just click the link, here! Now onto the recap!

They find out the name of the mute and blind girl to be Ah Qing. Wei Wuxian steps in to have a look into her mind and memories to see what really happened here.

Ah Qing was a girl who pretended to be blind to scam people. One such day a person sees through her scam and is about to harm her when Xiao Xing Chen steps in and stops it. He too is blind and she feels that having someone powerful with her would be helpful and goes along with him pretending to be blind.

One day the two of them spot an injured man on the road – Xue Yang. Since Xiao Xing Chen is blind he doesn’t realise it’s Xue Yang and takes car of him too. If you remember he and Song Lan had helped in the capture of Xue Yang when he was involved in the slaughter of an entire clan.

As they go through the memories they see that the three of them started living in this ghost town together. Xue Yang guides Xiao Xing Chen to zombies and he battles them and cuts their tongues out. But it turns out Xue Yang is merely tricking Xiao Xing Chen.

One day Song Lan arrives at the ghost town and realises what is happening. Xue Yang and Song Lan have a fierce fight and Xue Yang ends up poisoning and removing the tongue of Song Lan. When Xiao Xing Chen arrives without knowing it’s Song Lan helps Xue Yang kill him. With his magic iron nails, he puts them in Song Lan and brings him under his control. The same things we saw in Wen Ning.

Realising what happened, Wei Wuxian intervenes inn the fight between Wen Ning and Song Lan and holds him to remove the nail. He comes out of the grip of dark magic and slowly looks like he will come back to his conscious.

Takeaways from the episode

Although the story of Xiao Xing Chen is sad enough it’s even worse to hear it from the point of view of the girl. But how did Xiao Xing Chen die? What did Xue Yang do to him and Ah Qing? And how is this all related to the real villian behind Wei Wuxian’s story? Let’s find out.

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