Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) : Ep 39 – recap

We found out how Song Lan came under the power of Xue Yang but what about Xiao Xing Chen? Let’s find out.

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Now that they know the truth they head on our to fight against Xue Yang. Ah Qing ends up dying but after cutting one of his arms off they are finally able to capture Xue Yang. Song Lan comes in to finish off Xue Yang once and for all which is when we find out what happened to Xiao Xing Chen. From the swords he realizes what happened and that he harmed Song Lan. Out of remorse, he commits suicide. Poor guy.

Now that they are done with Xue Yang. They perform a formal funeral for Ah Qing and Xiao Xing Chen and Song Lan takes his leave.

Realising that there is an envelope of dark energy (which was what they were hunting all along) they find out something is underneath Xiao Xing Chen’s earlier coffin. They dig it up to find the Red Blade master’s headless corpse engulfed in a swarm of dark energy. Now where did this come from. I thought his corpse would have been buried in the place where all the Nie clan ancestors were? The place that Nie Huei Sang tried so hard to protect? That could explain why his sword was so restless. The Nie clan members have a very spiritual and deep bond with their swords.

While Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji meet up with Lan Xi Chen, an argument breaks up amongst the other disciples about Wei Wuxian.

Takeaways from the episode

It’s kind of sad to see how the revered cultivators duo turned out to be. I had fathomed a much better outcome for those characters than this. I guess the real story behind this is connected to The Red Blade master and is indeed connected to this story and my suspicions towards Meng Yao increase! Also where is the head? Let’s go in further to find out!


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