Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 40 – recap

Oh my god. We are at the final ten episodes people! I am thrilled to finally unravel the whole mystery here but I am also sad it’s going to end! You really can’t have enough of our duo!

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After some planning, they decide that the best way to investigate more on this would be to go Lanling for the banquet held there.

Now at Lanling it looks Meng Yao is the clan leader of the Jin clan. Whut. As Wei Wuxian tries to investigate with his false identity, he is found by some members of the Jin clan who taunt and accuse him as the body that Wei Wuxian is in now used to be a person who had an affair with the lady of the Jin clan. He got the best choice of person for his body LOL. Thankfully Jin Ling intervenes and saves Wei Wuxian.

Realizing that he needs another method for doing his spywork he decides to use his magical paper dolls to get into the Lanling area and investigate what’s happening.

The paper doll follows Meng Yao (in the TV show he has a different name now because he has a more formal title for but for the sake of simplicity in the story, we arr continuing with the name we know him by). He takes his wife into a hidden room and she seems to be in a kind of trance as they mention something about a letter and something else we are not too sure about. As the paper doll investigates the room it sees a cupboard which lets say looks quite suspicious. And inside it? The Red Blade master’s head of course.

Takeaways from the episode

Haaa! I told you it was Meng Yao. I mean he is a clan leader now and now that very ascent might have been via dubious methods! Let’s go on to the next episode and see how the investigation continues!

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