I’m all set for Bang Bang Con!

Let’s face it things have been pretty depressing lately. Other than the interaction we have over the internet we are basically cooped up in our homes. It’s a real struggle to quarantine ourselves and maintain social distancing as time goes by. For all the things we like to do – for instance if we wanna eat out – we rely on online delivery and actual attempts of cooking at home!

But what about concerts or events like that? The entertainment industry has had the worst hit we can agree for sure! As you may know by now, I am a huge BTS fan. I admire and love their work, respect their involvement in society through their work and otherwise and they have proven to be some wonderful human beings – relatable and so approachable and just a symbol of love and happiness for all the fans worldwide.

In February of 2020, BTS has released their latest studio album which sky rocketed in sales, mentions , reviews and what not. That was the time when COVID-19 was starting it’s reach in certain countries and although we expected it to get worse and restrictions to be placed I guess we miscalculated the extent of it all. The promotions for their album was done to empty audiences (except for the ones in America and certain others) although they topped the charts continuosly, and eventually it led to the cancellation of their world tour as well.

Both the fans and BTS were obviously quite depressed and sad and it’s not a surprise why because it was the most anticipated tour on the globe. Ticket sales were over in a matter of minutes. But now all that are indefinitely cancelled.

But just like how our life has moved to the internet so have BTS. They have started live broadcasts and activities with fans under the tag #CarryOn and have even started album discussions this time solely produced from beginning to end by BTS – not just the music but the album cover and what not – how that project goes – we are yet to see.

Amidst that time the band’s label, Big Hit Entertainment announced that they would conduct an online broadcast on YouTube as well as the fan service app – Weverse. A broadcast of all of BTS concert events from the beginning to the present Love Yourself tour.

It was an immensely long broadcast sure but fans enjoyed EVERY MINUTE OF IT. BTS fans are knows for celebrating BTS’s entire discography and not just their latest releases and this live broadcast and the views and engagements it got, stands proof of that.

It was at this point that their agency announced a second version – Bang Bang Con – Live.

What is the difference you may ask? Well first of all let’s go to the obvious difference this one is a paid broadcast. You can buy the ticket on the Weverse Shop app. If you are a registered fan club member do note that you would be having a special discount! Once you purchase the ticket you will recieve the link to watch it which is concerts.kiswe.com on which you would have to log in with your weverse Shop login and that’s it!

The broadcast starts at 6 PM KST on 14th June. You do not need to worry if you can’t see it live the re-upload will come afterwards in the media section of The Weverse App. All you gotta do is login with the same ID as Weverse Shop!

Now what will they be performing? Well no one knows. But I’m guessing that this setlist is going to be a revamped version of the set list they intended for their world tour which means I am so excited to see the never before seen performances from their latest album! Now we don’t even know the duration of the broadcast either so we can’t guess what could be, or could not be there but here’s a look into what I am looking forward to!

The New Title and B-side tracks

You would be thinking – does she mean the entire album? And no I don’t mean that. I mean the songs that are performed by all 7 of them together – no solos, no sub-units.

The first two would definitely be ON and Black Swan of course. It’s not like we haven’t seen it live yet – we have but these tracks are definitely my top favorites and I am dying to watch them again! The songs are polar opposites to each other not just in sound but lyrically too. Because while the song ON is a high end energetic beat announcing and celebrating their career, Black Swan is a song where they think or fear or worry about the end of their journey into their art – the worst fear for any artist. This is pretty evident from the Martha Graham quote that’s shows at the beginning of the video where the MN Dance Company performs the Orchestral version of Black Swan .

Now other than the two main title tracks there are some others and me and all the other fans are super hyped to see it being performed!

One would definitely be Louder Than Bombs, a track that was made in collaboration with Troye Sivan. It was one of their more unique in style! If there’s a choreography for this I am sure I might not survive? And then of course there’s We are bulletproof : The Eternal. If you don’t know BTS had two songs in their early career titled We are bulletproof parts 1 and 2. Unlike artists who debuted under a huge label BTS was from a small and rather unknown label which means they really had to face a lot of unfairness in the amount of broadcast time, opportunities, dismissal of their work etc (Oh how the tables have turned by the way!). This song is one of THE most emotional songs by BTS. It wasn’t a powerful battle call like it’s previous versions but a more.mellow, more heartfelt song of how they are 7, their dreams and their journey. It would make anyone who knows BTS and how thye came to where they are, to tears. If they are performing this tomorrow,I am guessing it’s going to be a finale piece.

Sub – Unit songs

Unlike their previous album series the Map of the Soul album series has sub units! The first sub unit song was actually released in the first album – Persona and is titled Jamais Vu. On its release fans naturally predicted two more sub-unit songs in the next album as well! We are all familiar with Deja Vu – the feeling of seeing or experiencing something for the first time but feeling like it’s been done before. Jamais Vu is the exact oppsoute, something you experience all the time but feels like the first. This song has some insane vocals from Jin and Jungkook and I sweat when they sing with their heart “Please give me a remedy” your heart will tug! And J-Hope comes with a mellow and different rap style which was the perfect match to the song!

The next song from our rapper sub-unit is Respect! And the song is exactly what it states – it’s the rappers rather not-so-serious dwelve in to what respect really is! There’s some really good ad-libs as well!

And another sub unit that got us all excited was the song – Friends! The special bond between V and Jimin is known pretty well with them being the same age. We have recently come to know that this song celebrates their friendship (obviously) and was penned by Jimin after the “dumpling” incident! How cute is that!


And just like we have had all for concert tours, this time we have solos as well. Of course none of them have been performed before and we all know that solo performances really bring out new stage sets, costumes, performances and sometimes even exciting choreography! I for one, am super excited to listen to Persona , Moon, Shadow, Ego, Filter, Inner Child and My Time perfomed by RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook respectively.

I’ve basically mentioned the whole album here but we can also expect songs such as Boy With Luv , Make it right and medleys. Of course these are all mere speculations. Since this is right after their festa celebration for their 7th anniversary would it be like earlier festa lives that was done before? We would never know! Let’s just wait and see and I will be back after watching it live! Have fun with Bang Bang Con Live!

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