Post – Bang Bang Con depression

Earlier when people who attended BTS concerts usually always mention about being sad and depressed that something they have waited for so long and enjoyed has come to an end. Now with the lockdown, that’s become a virtual experience – the concert I mean but the depression still remains the same. I have never attended a concert of my own but now that feeling to actually has intensified by the thousand, and I’m sad the Bang Bang Con ended. It was running for more than an hour – but it felt like it was only five minutes!

There was a lot of speculation on what the setlist but it turned out to be a mix of the old and the new! Let’s look into what BTS offered for Bang Bang Con – Live!

Dope, Boys With Fun, Like and Just One Day

RM starts from the pink and purple corridor like set by saying – “Hello, first time to Bang Bang Con?” (which is a play on his line in the song DOPE). Couldn’t have asked for a better starter song. They then move into a comfy like room setup and eventually perform their old, but well loved classics – Boys with Fun, I Like It and Just One Day.

After a short commercial break we had –

The Sub Units

Yes! You read that right! At this point I was under the assumption that maybe they would stick down the memory lane but they performed the sub unit performances!

They started with Jamais Vu and the moment that song struck I swear my eyes were stinging with tears! I love love love this song and couldn’t believe I was watching it live! The trio performed over a black and white filtered set wearing light and baby clue colored shirts while walking round and round in that step like frame on stage. Jin mentioned after the performance that his knees were shaking so much from nervousness but being the pros they are we never knew! The last chorus and verse was coupled with the set coming into full color and it was such a treat to watch!

The stage then rotated (kind of reminded me of the Grammy stage they performed with Lil Nas X) and we had this totally 80s-90s vibe retro setup with the song Respect! And their outfits were even cuter! Both of them looked amazing but I have to point out Suga’s undercut and shades! It suited him so well! And the performance was fun, light and I couldn’t help but sniffle back the tears from Jamais Vu and smile and sing along with them!

And finally we had Friends! I read some tweets later that the bus stops shown here are ones where their schools were, and where their practice rooms were as well. I love the detail! Even their uniforms were on point it seems! The performance and the song like I’ve mentioned before is a very cute representation of their bond! And related to the dumpling incident that had some fake dumplings in their pockets to exchange during the performance too! It was adorable!

Side note : we did get a snippet of UGH! and 00:00 which are the sub unit songs from the rapper and vocal sub units respectively and something I missed in my speculations post , before Bang Bang Con!

Ending Songs and Encore

We had the first ending song Black Swan in a deep blackish purplish set with what looks like dense vegetation all around them! That looked dope! The set reminded me of the forest like images they projected when they debuted the Black Swan performance on the Corden show but this time in its real physical form rather than just a screen!

They came back with a performance of Boy With Luv but this time it was a revamped version with a new remix and choreography with those umbrellas. We had actually seen some umbrellas in BTS practice room way back so I guess it was for this. They mentioned that although they want to do the tour they coundt resist showing one of the performances for the ARMY that waited this long! And this was great!

They then did a final performance of the all time favorites Go Go and Anpanman!

As a final encore performance they performed the eternal or “zombie” as Suga described – Spring Day! During their ending ment they mentioned about how things have changed and their tour for which they were practicing for a year was cancelled. RM mentions about how he hopes that they can go for a concert soon and although it’s different it’s good that they can adapt and do this after so long. The members, all of them shared similar emotions.

When you come to think of it, we can relate with them, we have all had our setbacks because of this global pandemic. It’s also a time when we move onto new methods and we outlive this crisis. I see kids attending classes on the television via instructors on their TV and then being given homework over a group chat. I see colleges moving courses that was earlier “impossible” to be done online now moved completely online. Organisations have now even started thinking of permanently working online – because we are getting the work done. There’s so much bad news , losses, sadness going around but through little little things we will and are adapting and changing ourselves.

Coming to the performance by BTS – I was impressed by the set quality, the effort into planning the entire thing because I’m sure it wasn’t easy! And they pulled it off great! Like I mentioned just now it’s a matter of adapting and it sure must have been hard gir them without hearing the actual audience. The one part that we must highlight is that they brought so many all over the world to enjoy this happily, and they most effectively managed an amazing performance that felt just as enjoyable to us as always and that’s no easy feat. Personally, I feel BTS has started a new revolution of managing events from what I know!

Let me know what you felt about Bang Bang Con in the comments! And I hope BTS will be back soon! I can’t wait for that! And about my depression of missing them – let me go binge watch some Run BTS! Btw – Run BTS starts airing with new episodes starting tomorrow!

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