Watch with me – The King : Eternal Monarch – Ep 16 – recap

Wow after quite a bit of a run we are now at the final episode guys! How has the run been so far? It has been okay, of course I would have preferred maybe more explanation and story to go with it but let’s pass our judgement after going into the last episode!

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We see Luna texting Tae Ul’s dad that she would be on a stakeout for the night and a depressed Shin Jae crying – why you may ask? Because Tae Ul has gone into the in-between-world with Lee Rim and a gun (a gun which I think won’t work) . Meanwhile back in the year of the treason, Yeong takes down Prince Bu Yeong’s son who was waiting to let the traitors go. Although Gon asks Yeong to wait there, he says he is firm on his decision to be with the king at all costs.

The scene replays just like before. Little Gon about to attack Lee Rim when future Gon and Yeong walk in. Yeong is injured (uh oh) and eventually Lee Rim gets the full flute and makes a run for it while Gon chases him. Meanwhile both the halves of the flute with Gon and Tae Ul disintegrate and Lee Rim presumes it’s because he has gotten the flute as a whole and now there is no return for Gon.

Meanwhile the palace workers rush in onto Gon’s father and little Gon while Yeong hides. Please don’t kill Yeong, I won’t forgive you!

Back in the Republic, Shin Jae reveals the real and ill Shin Jae to his mother and she at first blames him and tells him to get out. Whut. But she later runs over to him, asks him forgiveness and embraces him much to his happiness.

While Gon rushes into the forest and catches up with Lee Rim, Tae Ul attempts to shoot Rim but to no avail. Back in the past, Gon confronts Lee Rim and kills him by slashing on the neck and we see that Lee Rim and the objects he brought in disintegrate as he is shot by Tae Ul’s bullet as well. That was quick. I expected some more action, twists and turns. Now that the future has changed all the objects associated with Gon such as the scar on his neck, his photo with Tae Ul, everything disappears. Don’t tell me this is going to be like Goblin. Lee Gon is also stuck in the year of the treason but yes you guessed it, he has the flute as a whole!

Meanwhile the yo yo kid is revealed to be someone present at all times in different forms across all dimensions. He realises what happens and mentions that she has not lost her memories, and that the plant has sprouted and he wonders whether he must sever the tie and stuff. I don’t understand this kids role one bit you guys but let’s go with the flow. Anyone who knows can help me in the comments section!

Now we see a sequence of scenes how a lot of things changes for our characters. Shin Jae and his mother are stopped from suiciding from the bridge by Prince Bu Yeong. A young Luna is helped by a rather mean Soo Ryeong’s mother as she is hungry and has no money. In the Republic, Lee Gon’s mother’s twin is happy that her husband died and since she has to fend for herself and her son, Lee Rim’s twin is admitted to a care facility where I guess he will live and bide away his time. Meanwhile Tae Ul had woken up in present day Republic and calls to find that Shin Jae is no longer there. She bursts in to tears. No matter how much she knew it would have happened, it still hurts! Shin Jae was such an awesome character!

The world moves on and she even sees Gon’s twin on the road and cries. Ouch. She remember his promise that he will cross every door to meet her.

And that promise was true. We see Gon crossing every single gate meeting the Tae Ul from different dimensions – she is a pilot, in the military, one in which her mother is alive , another where she is an actress. Gon waits outside with flowers for each one until he meets the right Tae Ul. Is this the scene where they kiss and he disappears? Will we find out what that’s about?

Gon eventually finds her. The scene is different from the scene where he earlier came so I guess that’s a mystery too. We see that he first went back to Corea to save Yeong after which he crossed several gates to reach Tae Ul.

Now we are in the year 2022, Yeong’s parents remarried and they now have twins who he calls them Eun Bi and Kka Bi just like how Eun Sup calls them. He mentions that he misses Eun Sup. Awwww. We see that Luna is a police officer along with the Shin Jae of Corea and the two seem close just like before and we see where Gon got that video clip from 2022 of Tae Ul. Although why did it come to Gon? Answers please! Looks like Soo Ryeong is in jail for embezzlement of funds too – LOL!

We then see that Gon and Tae Ul spend every weekend together. Each time in different dimensions ensuring that the year they are in would ensure their counterparts are not there. It’s funny too because once they landed in a world where Gon was a tyrant . It’s nice seeing how these two just spend time together. Of course we see some tweaks where Gon takes her a little into the past to meet Bu Yeong, and Gon accidentally comes across Shin Jae and helps him avoid the accident that would otherwise cause him to be in coma. They even land back in Gon’s world once but escapes narrowly and quite funnily just like the other time she was brought to Corea. Looks like Gon’s personal secretary is now a PM too. Wow.

We then see an ending scene where Gon and Tae Ul come to the in-between-world where there is a suitcase of clothes suited for different areas. While looking for a hanbok Tae Ul notices some leaves and she asks why it’s there. Gon says they should be prepared in case they go really back in time. LOL. We then see a montage of scenes where the couple decides to spend their time like this, till the end – we see a shot of their hands aged- but if need be can’t they skip aging itself? Maybe not until all the people that know them die or something.

Takeaways from the episode

Well. That’s the end I guess. Am I satisfied? No. I think the problem is that it is kind of sci-fi and has a lot of that going on but we haven’t received any proper explanations for that at all! That really bugs me because it just keeps me wondering. And the whole issue and the villian was finished within the first fifteen minutes and then it’s all just a wrap up after that. After all the huge hype and build up to the story it ended quite fast. Another twist or unexpected twist would have been great because we already knew what would happen without even showing us right? What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below! An overall review will be coming up soon!

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