Inuyasha : Season 1 : Episodes 1-27 (Ep-by-Ep summary)

Inuyasha was an anime series that I was watching when I was quite young but was never able to complete, as my cable provider decided to stop providing me that TV channel. Now with the Advent of internet and streaming services I have finally got access to all the seasons of Inuyasha. And of course I would put a review on my blog!

Now this post has a brief account of each episode in Season 1 which has episodes from 1-27.

If you’re looking for just a brief overlook on the series as a whole or an overall review on a season you can find it all in this link.

Now onto the episode analysis of Inuyasha – Season 1 !!!!

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Episode 1 – “The Girl Who Overcame Time, and The Boy who just overcome.”

Kagome is a girl living in modern day Tokyo with her Grandpa, mother and brother. She lives in a shrine that is maintained by her grandfather. One day she goes to retrieve her cat from the “Bone Eaters well” which is on the shrine premises.

Suddenly a centipede like demon captured her and pulls her into the well. But instead of hitting the bottom of the well, she lands back in the timr of Feudal Japan.

Kagome then meets an old priestess Kaede, who tells her that Kagome may be the reincarnation of an old priestess Kikyo who also happens to be Kaede’s older sister. Priestess Kikyo was the safekeeper of the Shikon Jewel, a jewel that contains a lot of power which could be misused by demons.

The centipede demon attacks again in pursuit of the Shikon Jewel. It is at this moment that Kagome encounters Inuyasha.

She sees that he is bound to a tree by sacred arrows but that he is still alive. Seeing the centipede demon attack, he asks Kagome to remove the arrows, which she does and Inuyasha is now freed.

During the fight with the centipede demon, Kaeda sees the jewel emerge from Kagome’s body and bestows her as the rightful owner of the jewel

Comment : The first episode starts off in an interesting manner. I’ve always been a fan of time-travel and eras combining so this seems to be a good anime. The whole background with the jewel and the priestess who protected it is also nice.

Episode 2 – “Seekers of the Sacred Jewel”

Now that Inuyasha has been released from the tree, he plans to use the jewel to become a full fledged demon.

Understanding this Kaeda casts the beads of subjugation onto Inuyasha. This helps in Kagome being able to control Inuyasha with a spoken word which funnily enough turns out to be “Sit!”

A crow demon steals the Shikon Jewel and towards the end, Kagome shoots it with a bow and arrow which shatters the jewel. The shards of the jewel then spread across Japan.

Comment : by this time, the objective of the series simple enough right? Collect the shards before the villians do. I like how Kagome’s and Inuyasha’s relationship is first tied together with her shouting “Sit” every time she’s angry at Inuyasha. Out of all the seriousness in the post, that’s actually pretty funny.

Episode 3 – “Down The Rabbit Hole and Back Again”

Now that the shards of the jewel are all over the place, Inuyasha is bothered at the fact that it must be collected now. The problem here is that, if a shard is possessed by a demon, that would enhance their powers greatly which would be a problem.

However Kagome gets dragged into the home eater’s well, by the demon Yura who controls her puppets with lengths of hair.

She steals the shard of the jewel that belongs to Kagome, gaining more power. Inuyasha fights with Yura’s puppets but retreats as Kaeda is injured.

Comment : This episode was an intro episode on how the powers of demon’s could be enhanced if they even come across a shard of the jewel.

Episode 4 – “Yura of the Demon-Hair”

Inuyasha then travels through the bone Eaters well to retrieve Kagome and bring her back to the era of Feudal Japan.

They team together to fight against Yura. Inuyasha fights with her puppets trying to defeat her, where in Kagome notices a red skull that seems to be controlling the entire thing. Once the red skull is destroyed, Yura then turns into a comb and they are able to save the shard of the jewel from her.

Episode 5 – “Aristocratic Assassin Sesshomaru”

Inuyasha’s flea servant, Myoga arrives and tells the truth about Inuyasha’s demon father and human mother, Izayoi.

However it is this point that Inuyasha’s half brother and full demon, Sesshomaru and his servant Jaken reveal themselves. They take captive of the now revived Izayoi which startles Inuyasha. He rescues Izayoi who then takes both Inuyasha and Kagome to a spirit world.

At that world, Inuyasha and Izayoi exchange an emotional conversation about the past. But it is at this point that Kagome realizes that her face does not have a reflection in the river and she tries to warn Inuyasha.

Comment : we get a glimpse into the rather emotional past of Inuyasha and his difficulties as a half demon compared to his full demon brother Sesshomaru. We realise that he has strong emotional ties with his mother and his past as well.

Episode 6 : Tetsusaiga, The Demon Sword

Kagome realizing it’s a demon helps Imuyasha but by that time Sesshomaru realizes that the secret to the Tetsusaiga lies in the Black Pearl within Inuyasha’s eye.

After retrieving it, the three find the legendary sword and a fight ensues between the two half-brothers for the sword.

Episode 7 : Showdown! Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru!

Kagome retrieves the sword and hands it over to Inuyasha. Although Sesshomaru states that Inuyasha cannot wield it’s full power being a half – breed, Inuyasha manages to injure Sesshomaru and return with Kagome with the Black Pearl back in his eye.

Episode 8 : The Toad Who Would Be Prince

Inuyasha and Kagome defeat a toad yōkai and retrieve another shard of the Shikom jewel by which it had taken control of the prince and countless souls of young women.

Episode 9 : Enter Shippo! Plus, the Amazing Thunder Brothers!

Inuyasha and Kagome meet Shippo (a half demon, half fox child) who has a shard of the jewel to avenge his father’s death which was caused by the Thunder Brothers – Hiten and Manten.

Kagome is later abducted my Manten and Inuyasha and Shippo seek to find her.

Episode 10 : Phantom Showdown – The Thunder Brothers vs The Tetsusaiga

A battle ensues between Inuyasha and the Thunder Brothers, where in Inuyasha almost loses but wins after attracting the sword with it’s sheath, revealing more powers. They retrieve more shards of the jewel from the now destroyed Thunder Brothers as well.

Episode 11 : Terror of The Ancient Noh Mask

Kagome returns to the present but her grandfather gets attached by the Noh Mask,as it is in search of a body.

While Kagome tries to protect the shards if the jewel from the Noh Mask her younger brother finds Inuyasha for help.

Episode 12 : The Soul Piper and The Mischievous Little Soul

Inuyasha finds the Tataromokkai a spirit that leads the spirits of children and is harmless as long as it’s eyes are not open.

However Kagome finds an angry spirit of a girl who seems to harm her comatose brother for surviving.

Episode 13 : The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black Haired Inuyasha

Kagome and Shippo realize that on new moon day, Inuyasha becomes completely mortal and cannot fight the demons.

As they hide away from a spider demon, the two come to terms with the now mortal Inuyasha. When daylight comes, Inuyasha defeats the demon.

Episode 14 : Kikyo’s Stolen Ashes

Urasue has collected the ashes of Kikyo which later leads to Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo and Kaede go on a mission to retrieve it.

Kikyo has been brought back to life but she is disappointed as the body is useless without a soul, and Kikyo’s soul has already been reincarnated – as Kagome.

Episode 15 : Return of Tragic Priestess Kikyo

Urasue captures Kagome and transfers her soul to Kikyo after Inuyasha inadvertently calls her name.

A revived Kikyo is now enraged at Inuyasha’s betrayal fifty years ago.

As she harms Inuyasha, Kagome calls back a part of her soul, leaving Kikyo filled with hatred.

As Inuyasha tried to save Kikyo from falling off a cliff, he remembers the incidents from fifty years ago.

Episode 16 : Mystical Hand of the Amorous Monk Miroku

A new character a lecherous monk called Miroku who has a wind tunnel in his hand is revealed.

He too is in the hunt for the shards and discreetly tries to steal Kagome’s shards which leads to a battle with him revealing his wind tunnel.

He reveals that the wind tunnel was given to him by a demon called Naraku who has been on the hunt for the Shikon jewel for the past fifty years.

Episode 17 : Cursed Ink of the Hell Painter

A banished artist who can recreate demons from his drawings comes in due to the powers of the shards. He eventually gets devoured by his own demons due to his malicious intentions.

Episode 18 : Naraku and Sesshomaru join forces

Sesshomaru received an arm with a jewel shard from Naraku and he wields the Tetsusaiga to full power.

Miroku understands that Naraku’s poisonous wasps can hurt his wind tunnel, while Sesshomaru destroys the wasps.

Episode 19 : Go Home to your own time Kagome!

Eventually Sesshomaru returns the arm and the jewel to Naraku.

Inuyasha realizing the danger, sends Kagome back to her time and seals the bone-eater well to ensure she doesn’t return.

Episode 20 : Despicable villian! The mystery of Onigumo!

Kaede reveals that she and Kikyo once treated a burnt man called Onigumo in a cave . He eventually ended up wanting Kikyo and allowed his body to be devoured by the demons and then became – Naraku.

Naraku now in the present, releases a ferocious demon with a shard in its head which leads to panic for Inuyasha, Miroku and Kaede.

Episode 21 : Naraku’s True Identity Revealed

Kagome decides to go on a date with her high school friend but cancels last minute.

While Kaede tries protecting an injured Inuyasha, Shippo with the shards goes and calls Kagome and brings her back.

Naraku reveals that he was the person who impersonated Inuyasha and pitted him and Kikyo against each other to get the Shikon jewel.

Comment : so Naraku is the real villian here! Finally, we get a reveal!

Episode 22 : A Wicked Smile – Kikyo’s wandering soul

Kikyo has survived the fall from the cliff and is surving in a place where she feeds off of souls from the dying which is found by a priest.

Inuyasha and the gang hunt down a castle where there are souls of women missing which leads to Kikyo.

Episode 23 : Kagome’s voice and Kikyo’s kiss

Kagome tries to make Kikyo understand that it was all Naraku’s plan but Kikyo filled with hate tries to take Inuyasha to the underworld after kissing him.

He breaks free after hearing Kagome call for him.

At the end of the episode Kikyo take to Kaede to find out the truth about fifty years ago.

Episode 24: Enter Sango – The Demon Slayer

This episode lies as an intro to Sango who is a demon Slayer and soul survivor of an attack by Naraku where in her brother was also killed.

Episode 25 : Naraku’s Insidious Plot

Sango ends up accepting a shard from Naraku and fights Inuyasha.

Eventually the fight with Naraku begins and it’s soon revealed that he is using a decoy.

Episode 26 : Secret of the Jewel of the Four Souls Revealed

The shrine of the maiden Midoriko is revealed who is the creator of the Shikon jewel. Sango explains the balance of courage, friendship , wisdom and love and how the balance of it in one soul, can be used for good or evil.

Episode 27 : The Lake of The Evil Water God

In this final episode, the van fight against a fake water God who is consuming the spirits of young children and brings the real water goddess back.

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