Inuyasha : Season 1 – Overview and Review

This post is going to be a sum up and review in Inuyasha Season 1 which has episodes 1-27.

If you don’t want to read just a geist if this season but want a detailed episode by episode summary , then click on this link here!

So without much further ado, here’s the sum up of Inuyasha- Season 1

Season 1 starts with Kagome, a month grader living in modern day Tokyo. She lives with her family, in a shrine in Tokyo. One day while going to find her missing cat who hid near an enclosed well, in the shrine, she gets dragged into the well by a centipede like demon.

Kagome Higurashi voiced by Satsuki Yukino in Japanese

But instead of hitting the bottom she emerges out of the other end of the well – at the Sengoku period of Japan.

She then meets Kaede, an old priestess in the village. She then explains that the reason Kagome was dragged here by the centipede demon was because Kagome is the reincarnation of the old priestess Kikyo, who was the protector of the Shikon Jewel of the Jewel of the Four Souls.

Kikyo was a priestess who protected the jewel from going into the possession of the demons. However as her final act, she blind the half dog-demon Inuyasha to a tree with her arrow, and died. As she was dying, she requested the jewel to be burnt along with her body so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Years later Kagome , the reincarnation of Kikyo is now born with the jewel in her body.

As Kagome witnesses Inuyasha bound to the tree, she is attacked by the Centipede demon who takes the jewel from her.

Amidst the struggle Kagome removes the arrow from Inuyasha freeing him. Inuyasha then kills the demon, but the jewel is stolen by a crow demon.

In a last attempt Kagome shoots an arrow at the crow, shattering the jewel into many shards that then get spread across Japan.

Keade binds Inuyasha with a necklace that makes him fall on the spot when Kagome ironically commands “Sit!”

Although Kagome and Inuyasha don’t like each other, the two decide to find the shards of the jewel. Inuyasha wanting to finally be one a fully fledged demon and Kagome realising the results of what would happen if it fell into the wrong hands.

The episodes then continue with Inuyasha and Kagome finding and defeating new demons who have or are after the shards of the Shikon Jewel.


Eventually the two meet Inuyasha’s half brother Sesshomaru , who fight with Inuyasha to get their fathers powerful demon sword Tetsusaiga. Eventually Inuyasha with Kagome’s help retrieve the sword and severely injure Sesshomaru.

Inuyasha wielding Tetsusaiga

As the story continues, we slowly start to see the inclusion of the other surpporting characters, the first of them being Shippo.


Shippo is an orphaned fox-child who has a shard of the jewel to avenge the death of his father by the thunder brothers. Shippo then joins the journey with Kagome and Inuyasha to find the remaining shards after the defeat of The Thunder brothers.

As their journey continues, Inuyasha looks almost invincible now equipped with the powerful Tetsusaiga. However we realise soon that being a half demon means there will be times when his powers weaken and he becomes a mortal just like Kagome. In one such episode when they are being attacked, Inuyasha becomes a mortal at the time of the new moon, weakened and revealed to be having more deeper feelings to Kagome..

To make things worse, Kikyo is resurrected from her ashes and a stolen piece of Kagome’s soul. We see that Kikyo is angry, and filled with the need to kill Inuyasha for her revenge. We see that there’s an apparent misunderstanding between Inuyasha and Kikyo as Kikyo firmly beleives that Inuyasha attacked her with life threatening injuries to steal the Shikon Jewel while she was waiting for him, as she beleives he wanted to become mortal with the power of the jewel. Inuyasha is shocked at this, as he beleives that Kikyo suddenly started attacking him, and bound him to the sacred tree once and for all.

A fight ensues and a weakened Kikyo falls off the cliff to her apparent death, with Inuyasha torn at how things ended between them now, and fifty years ago.

We are then introduced to a lecherous monk called Miroku who is also on the hunt for jewel shards and also for a demon called Naraku. You see Miroku has a problem, he has a wind tunnel (a kind of black hole) in his right hand that’s passed between generations in his family- a curse given by the demon Naraku. Because his life will be shortened due to this, he wishes to hunt down Naraku and kill him, to lift the curse.

Naraku is revealed to have been on the hunt for the Shikon Jewel fifty years ago as well.

Inuyasha and Kagome face another hard battle with Sesshomaru who now has a hewel shard loaned to him by the evil Naraku. Realising the dangers in these fights for Kagome, Inuyasha forces her back to her era.

But it’s at this time that Kaede reveals the origins of Naraku. Fifty years ago there was a severely burned man called Onigumo. The thief wanted Kikyo and thus let himself be devoured by the demons to become Naraku.

Eventually we realize that Kikyo and Inuyasha were in love with each other and the two had decided to become mortals to live together. After becoming a mortal, Kikyo waited for Inuyasha with the jewel to make him mortal. However Naraku, now shape shifted as Inuyasha steals the jewel and injures her. She is filled with anger at Inuyasha’s apparent betrayel and kills him and binds him to the tree.

Inuyasha is pained at how things end and viws to get the jewel with Kagome and kill Naraku.

Inuyasha discovers that Kikyo still survives by consuming the souls of young women. Kagome is trapped by Kikyo and she witnesses them tearfully exchanging their feelings. Kikyo attempts to take Inuyasha to her abode but stops her. We then see Kikyo ask Kaede about Naraku and sets out an unidentified journey.

Its at this point that we meet Sango who hails from a village of demon slayers. She too was tricked by Naraku and her entire family and the village were killed. She later teams up with Inuyasha and his team as she understands their intentions are good. She tells them the story of the legendary priestess Midoriku and how the jewel was formed in the first place.

The jewel is a balance of good and evil. If tainted with evil can be used by the demons to wreak havoc. The slayers received the jewel as tainted and then handed it over to the priestess to Kikyo to purify it, which is how our story is where it is now.

With the story at this point, we see that there’s a good introduction into the story, and the first set of characters. Although we had a huge progression of villians with some other villians standing out, like Sesshomaru or the evil Naraku who caused all this mess in the first place, it’s true that evidently it’s the Shikon Jewel is the hero of this story.

Although not mentioned too deeply in the story the fact that the jewel can be tainted and that through all it’s gory history it has been also used for evil and destruction sheds light of the fact that it’s not the demons but the jewel that should reach it’s conclusion.

This Season was more of an intro. Most of the episodes consisted of the new kind of demons that the team meets and defeats as they try to find more shards of the jewel. Just the fact about Inuyasha’s weakness during the new moon and an intro into the true villian – Naraku and more backdrop into the Jewel and the Tetsusaiga.

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