Watch with me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 41 recap

We are at the final leg of episodes! After the lengthy flashbacks and stories and mysteries we are somehow cornering a possible villian in the story – Meng Yao as we find out why the body of the Red Blade master was in a different place without his head!

If you wish to read the recaps of any of the other episodes just click the link here! Now onto the recap!

Wei Wuxian’s paper doll has found the head of the Red Blade master in Meng Yao’s secret room and it has stuck itself on the head so that Wei Wuxian can use his powers and find out what actually happened to the master.

The beginning of the memories show a dedicated and promising Meng Yao who does his best for all the clan members. Despite proving his worth there, his clan members talk down on him as his mother is not of a noble birth. Alone and in tears, the Red Blade master approaches him, gives him strength and berates all the clan members who passed such remarks.

We also see scenes at the Unclean realm, where when a battle was going on it was indeed Meng Yao who stabbed the general. And the hate and malice on his face brought shock to the Red Blade master as this was not the Meng Yao that he knows which later led to his disbandment from the clan.

It’s at this point we come to a very important scene. After the battle of the Wen clan with Meng Yao reinstated back with the Nie clan, Lan Xi Zuan teaches Meng Yao a musical piece so as to relieve the Red Blade master’s illnesses and mind. But as Meng Yao plays it alone we can clearly listen and find that he tampered with the song. This slowly affects the masters mind with thoughts and he slowly becomes mad.

Finally unable to contain his angstz he ends his life in a mad fit himself. The memories of the Red Blade master end there. Wei Wuxian relized that they still don’t know how the masters body became mutilated as it is today, but know for sure that Meng Yao has something to do with it. He tells Lan Wangji and Lan Xi Chen and they walk towards Meng Yao’s chambers where they are stopped by the members of the Jin clan.

Takeaways from the episode

Although the story hasn’t confirmed it, I have confirmed that Meng Yao is indeed the villian! But why the Red Blade master though? From the memories he had nothing but nice memories with the clan leader. What actually led Meng Yao to this ? Let’s find out?

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