Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 44 – recap

The last episode was emotional as far as our duo is concerned. We got a real insight into who Lan Wangji is and the dedication he has into his relationship with Wei Wuxian. I swear we can only wish to have such good people around us! We are also cornering in on Meng Yao as the villian. We just need the proof and the circumstances! Now onto the recap!

Now all the other recaps and related posts will be available on this link!

As Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji enter a home while on their travels they realise that they are at the home of the former Jin clan member Mian Mian. She had walked out of the clan after the prejudice and actions of the ones in charge you can see that in the episode recaps! They talk to each other and exchange news. Looks like Mian Mian has married a commoner and now has a daughter but she still does practice cultivation once in a while when she goes on night hunts.

Once the coast is clear the duo also meets up with Wen Ning who has been tailing them all along too! I feel bad when I think about how much he has to hide just because everyone sees him as some evil person.

As they reach the Burial mounds they are attacked by zombies are are driven into the cave where they find Jin Ling and other cultivators there. With Wen Nings help, the duo helps the young cultivators. Eventually the leaders of all the clans arrive and as expected , Wei Wuxian is the villian here and they all start reacting negatively to him.

At this point Wei Wuxian turns to questioning Su She. He used to be a members of the Lan clan, but left and started his own clan of which he is now the clan leader. One point to be noted is that this clan has some rather uncanny similarities to the Lan clan as well.

Takeaways from the episode

Now if this is going to be an all out attack on Wei Wuxian again I am seriously going to be pissed. Can’t they hear the man out for once?

But of course I don’t expect the story to continue like that since Wei Wuxian has now cornered Su She into questioning, as he is one of the main helpers of Meng Yao, or suspected to be. Let’s watch and find out!

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