Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 46 – recap

I’m not going for intros now – we are literally at the final leg and it’s getting interesting for sure!

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Much to everyone’s shock, Meng Yao’s dirty secrets are out, and in a span of one second all the clans jump up in outrage and start screaming about destroying Meng Yao and his clan and all that. Wei Wuxian is however not that interested in it all seeing the temperamental nature of how fast people change just on hearing a story. I mean why did the two women come in and tell this story? Why now? Who are they? What is this is some reverse technique from Meng Yao. Anyway Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji leave the hall as all the clans start announcing battle plans against Meng Yao.

Our duo steps into the shrine to pay the last respects to all the fallen of the Jjang clan. Jjang Cheng comes in and literally shoves them out and screams at them saying that they have no right to enter and pay their respects when they’re the bad guys and are the cause of all this. As much as that may or may not be true it really hurts to see these two who were once brothers be like this. Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji then leave understanding well enough that they are not welcome.

A fight ensues and Wei Wuxian passes out which is when Wen Ning comes in. The fight continue and Wen Ning keeps insisting Jjang Cheng to unsheath Wei Wuxian’s sword Suebian. After saying it many times he pulls at it with ease, and shock as it should only be pulled out by Wei Wuxian, the owner. At that point Wen Ning reveals that Jjang Cheng was not cured by Baoshan but instead was given Wei Wuxian’s golden core and his powers as he couldn’t bear the pain that Jjang Cheng had for losing his powers. Due to the loss in power and for survival, Wei Wuxian started meddling in the dark arts. Jjang Cheng is shell shocked and thinks back to how many times he asked Wei Wuxian why he doesn’t practice his magic anymore to which he just nonchalantly shrugged. He collapses in the realisation, the pain too great, and is eventually seen running asking others to try unsheathing the Suebian as well.

Lan Wangji is shocked and quite emotional at the length of the sacrifice that Wei Wuxian went to. Wen Ning asks him to never tell Wei Wuxian that his secret is out, as they hide out in a boat on Lotus Pier.

Takeaways from the episode

Pained is not the word I have for this episode. We are almost fifty episodes into this and for sure we have an emotional attachment to the characters as we have followed their stories so long. Of course we did know that Wei Wuxian must have exchanged his golden core with Jjang Cheng even though they didn’t directly mention it. I’ve read that a good number of us had thought that Wei Wuxian meddling in dark magic was because he was abandoned in the Burial grounds and because he somehow was affected by the sword in the turtle monster and the Amulet. But little did we know, or think that it would have been his survival for his lack of his powers. To think that all the hate and anger vented towards him was a result of his sacrifice. Thinking back to all the tense moments between Jjang Cheng and Wei Wuxian I can’t help but feel by eyes stinging with tears.

This definitely was the most painful and emotional episode yet. The pain in the three characters were evident and felt. What did you feel? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This episode was particularly a real tear jacker. I couldn’t stop my eyes from watering because the emotions were so raw and just beautiful. Lovely scene, during the confession..

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    • I agree, the part starting from when Jjang Cheng unsheaths the sword to that scene in the lotus river was just so painful to watch, it also made me love this series a lot too!


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