Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 50 (Final) – recap

I. Cannot. Believe. We. Are. At. The. Final. Episode.

It’s been a long journey that’s been amazing, so let’s see how things wrap for the final episode of The Untamed.

For other episode recaps and associated posts to this series, just click the link here! Now onto the final recap! (I’m already emotional I hate it when good series comes to an end)!

We are back at the stabbing seven. Meng Yao blames Nie Huei Sang for his sly trick while he tries to act the innocent stating that Meng Yao was suspicious is actions. Poor Lan Xi Chen is really caught in the middle torn between what happened. Meng Yao expresses his deepest remorse in how his and Lan Xi Chen’s relationship turned out and Lan Xi Chen begs Meng Yao to not move.

Suddenly Meng Yao leaps towards the coffin with Lan Xi Chen. The amulet caught up in this mess leads to the temple getting destructed to pieces. At the last moment Meng Yao lets Lan Xi Chen escape and he dies. Well that was, quick. Lan Xi Chen is deeply affected and asks Nie Huei Sang whether Meng Yao really did make any suspicious movement then to which he feigns innocence. I am not liking this guy.

The other clans arrive (what for though) and as things settle down our duo escapes. Jin Ling tries to go after them but is stopped by Jjang Cheng. He asks Jjang Cheng is he has something to say to Wei Wuxian now that things ended this way and we see his drift off to a flashback –

We are back at the day Jjang Cheng’s parents were killed and he, Wei Wuxian and Yanli his in an inn. As Wei Wuxian stepped out for medicines we remember the scene in the actual episode where the guards were closing in on Wei Wuxian only to be distracted at the last second to chase another suspected person – which turns out to be Jjang Cheng. Noooooooooo!!? You can’t do this to me! Jjang Cheng’s act in protecting Wei Wuxian led to him losing his iron core. These two and their selflessness is going to kill me, emotionally.

Through Wen Ning, Wei Wuxian comes to meet the old Wen Yuan who he thought was dead but was saved and raised by Lan Wangji. I’m emotional guys. Wen Ning then says that he is now going to go on an independent journey and leaves as well.

As the duo says goodbye to Nie Huei Sang, Wei Wuxian gives him a light warning on the dangers of going down the evil path, and then parts ways. Please give us a season 2 pleaseeeee!

And yes, we have come to the parting. I can’t, but I must. Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian say their goodbyes. It’s at this point that Wei Wuxian asks a name for the song that Lan Wangji sang to him in the cave. Something Lan Wangji thought Wei Wuxian didn’t know. The two then part ways. That dialogue about the song was the most heart wrenching way to seperate them! This will be the death of me!

Later Wei Wuxian plays his flute at the top of the mountain only to be called by Wei Wuxian from behind. Yaasss! SEASON 2 PLEASSEEE!

Takeaways from the episode

Honestly all I want to say at this point is that I want Season 2! I mean how can we get enough of these two! I have so much to say about this series and you can read them all on the review which is in the link above!

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